3715 LED Light Review by Sebastien Lambert

Firefighter: Sebastien Lambert

Country: France

PELI Products 3715 LED Light

The PELI 3715 Zone 0 LED Light is very convenient for its size, clip and flat lower part. It can be held in the hand or clipped on the fire jacket, but also be placed on the ground to illuminate a large intervention area.

It shines a really powerful light, but at the same time, thanks to the three strategically placed LEDs, it's useful to illuminate a close área.

The LED battery level indicator is very convenient, since once you get to the last level there is still some time of use before changing the batteries. Also, access to the battery is waterproof, and thanks to the detachable wire it’s imposible to lose the cover when you change them.  The clamp, LED protection, can be changed very easily.

Definitely, I would say this is THE light for firefighters!




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