3315 LED Light review by Andrea Morelli

Firefighter: Andrea Morelli
Country: Italy

3315 Zone 0 Led Light

Analysis factor / aesthetic form: The gray coloration of the body does not stand out immediately, but in the range of colors you can choose also the fluorescent yellow, which is certainly more evident. You can sense, just by touch, the ABS body’s ruggedness, it doesn’t leave you unimpressed. This is for sure. 

The strap, despite of being useful, seems too a Little bit too weak on some occasions. The power button’s made in an excellent way: it’s quite comfortable even wearing fireproof gloves. The battery compartment mechanism is really intuitive, you can easily learn how to use it, and the wire for the compartment locker is a plus.

Usage scenarios: I’ve used the torch at a house on fire, while assisting a person, and also at an animal rescue. I’ve secured it to the helmet with the provided, fire-resistant straps.

Analysis impressions: Despite the power of the LED in this flashlight, what is most striking is the accuracy of the light beam, which manages to be well focused on the point that you want to brighten, minimizing light leakage on other areas. Tested for a long time under many hours of rain, the light beam has never shown uncertainties, thus confirming the excellent impermeability.

Critical analysis and proposals:  I would recommend implementing a battery pack with an integrated battery charger, which might be more useful for prolonged use in multiple interventions, which is what firefighters usually do. It would also be appropriate to reinforce the strap more resistant, flame retardant material.


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