3715 LED Light Review by Andrea Morelli (Italy)

Firefighter: Andrea Morelli
Country: Italy

3715 Led Light Review by Andrea Morelli (1)

PELI Products 3715 LED Light

Analysis factor / aesthetic form:

What immediately strikes you when you hold this light is the robustness and high quality of its materials. The fluorescent yellow colour makes it easily visible. Back clip is also very robust, and allows, even without special stitching, to place the torch on the uniform or the belt. The switch is well located, and the three indicator lights are very useful to know the state of the batteries at every moment.

The battery compartment seals tightly without any uncertainties, thanks to the closing system, and the fact that the cover is wired to the light ensures you won’t lose it when changing the batteries.

3715 Led Light Review by Andrea Morelli (2) Usage scenarios:

I’ve used this light in a car fire, a house fire, a fire at a depot with chemical gases, and also while assisting a person and searching for a missing person at the forest.

Analysis impressions:

My attention was immediately caught by the impressive power of the light beam. It extends to a quite remarkable distance, stating a difference with other manufacturers. The idea of the three LED lights that radiate light downwards is extremely useful and innovative, it gives you a real advantage in a working scenario.

Even with very dense smoke, this light is unmatched. With reduced visibility, and without any points of reference, the double beam allows a clear view of any obstacles that arise before the operator, ensuring maximum safety for the firefighter. Despite the thickness of the flame retardant gloves, the use of the switch-on button is practical and immediate. The system to select the kind of light is really useful, since it allows you to adapt the light beam in the best way for each situation.

The blinking function allowed my colleagues to track me easily, making my position visible in a dense forest.

Critical analysis and proposals:

The battery consumption is really low, but anyway I would recommend the installation of a battery pack, a charging connector, and an integrated battery charger. This would make the product more practical, avoiding a continuous and expensive change of batteries.

I also would recommend adding a red flashing LED on the lantern to indicate that the remaining battery energy is too low.



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