The Maewan expedition: a four year journey to unexplored territories of the planet

A trip around the world, with so many unaccessible territories to explore. A 37-foot aluminum sailboat, the Maewan. His capitain, Erwan Le Lann, and the internationally renowned athletes that will accompany him on this four-year trip. And, of course, PELI. The perfect partner in this adventure.

Being a part of extreme expeditions is a tradition of PELI Products. “At PELI we are proud to sponsor expeditions like the Maewan, since their motivation to explore, search for adventures and test their limits are part of PELI’s values”, said Piero Marigo, PELI™Products EMEA Managing Director. “We are glad that we can support the team with our virtually indestructible cases during their journey around the world, providing products that are the best partners in performance and protection for facing the challenge of accessing places where no one ever reached by foot”.

The main disciplines that will be at the heart of the Maewan expeditions are skiing, kayaking, diving, climbing and mountaineering. Each of these activities will be carefully photographed and recorded, and, of course, PELI will be protecting the photography equipment as well.

The “big walls” of  Iceland, Greenland, and Baffin Island are the objective the explorers have settled for the first six months. Curious to learn what’s next? You can track this amazing journey on their website.



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