NUORREK, a team of two engineering students, adventurers to the core, will be filming along the way to document their unique and unparalleled expedition between the sea and the mountains of Norway!

With PELI gear as a companion, the adventure duo will sail along the remote Finnmark coast (+700 km!), starting in a Sámi village situated in the North Cape all the way to the Alps Lyngen by sport catamaran. Their vessel is 5 meters long and hosts no cabin, just to add to the challenge of the mission.

Upon successful navigation of the coast and sea, Thibault and Loic aim to climb the Store Lenangstind, the second highest peak in the Lyngen Alps. At an elevation of about 1,624 m, its ascent involves dangerous glacier crossing and steep snow climbing.

Their adventure started June 1st and will last about 50 days. The PELI cases amongst their equipment will provide special protection for their video production equipment, especially while at the sea.

Their objectives through this wonderful experience are:

  • Traverse the North Cape to the Alps Lyngen by sport catamaran (Hobie Cat 18)
  • Carry out the ascension of the Store Lenangsting

Built to Protect and Designed to Survive, PELI cases are always ready for adventures taken to the next level!