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Peli Products is the European, Middle Eastern and African sister company of Pelican Products, Inc. Peli Products' head office is based in Barcelona, although Peli has numerous sales offices, production and engineering facilities in several countries across Europe.
In Europe, the Pelican brand name is off limits due to trademark issues; however Peli is the same company and Peli branded products have exactly the same quality as if they were Pelican branded.
pelican-products-dave-parker-memorialFor nearly four decades, Pelican Products has produced protective cases whose tales of survival are almost too crazy to be believed. But how did this company get its start? And how has it built a reputation that is as durable as the equipment it makes?
Pelican was founded in 1976 by husband and wife team Dave and Arline Parker in a California garage. Dave was an avid scuba diver who was disappointed in the dive equipment available on the market. So he set out to make his own.

Pelican is the largest manufacturer of equipment protection cases in the world and continues to build its reputation on a global scale. And nothing sells products better than the product.

Don´t miss how the PELI story began on this insightful video!


Introducing Peli BioThermal

Peli Products has long been the global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting. We are now happy to announce the re-branding of our global temperature controlled packaging division.

The new Peli BioThermal brand integrates two recently acquired companies, Minnesota Thermal Science (MTS) and Cool Logistics. On their own, each was a global specialist in temperature controlled packaging solutions. Together with Peli, they make up an international powerhouse offering the broadest range of temperature controlled packaging options in the world. Their products ensure that delicate biological materials arrive intact and effective, despite exterior environments.

Peli BioThermal is dedicated to fulfilling the complex needs of the global healthcare industry. The new division boasts the largest global sales, distribution and customer service support capability in the life science industry. It also provides the highest concentration of talent, resources and customizable solutions to accommodate any thermal shipper requirements. We are proud to include it as part of Peli Products.

PELI BioThermal’s products and services

PELI BioThermal’s full suite of products and services offer longevity, reusability and sustainability to provide the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, tissue, diagnostics/clinical trials, vaccines and blood supplies. These include:

  • Credo CubeTM, Credo DuraCUBETM and PROMEDTM – Reusable thermal cases that protect payload contents at defined temperatures longer than any other passive thermal shipper
  • Credo XTREMETM - a full and half pallet (durable hard shell) of the Credo Cube which holds 406 and 890 litres and offers the same industry-leading temperature control duration
  • CREDO ProEnvisionTM - Next generation asset management software
  • SHERPATM - Robust, off the shelf, cost effective, pre-qualified, temperature controlled packaging solutions from a sector leading global supplier
  • CHRONOS ADVANCETM- a range of high performance single-use shipping systems, utilizing advanced insulation and phase change materials.
  • COOLPALLTM - a high performance single-use bulk freight level, designed as a flat pack, easily assembled product.

PELI Biothermal understands the complex needs of the global healthcare industry. Our customers benefit from our extensive expertise in ensuring that temperature stability is maintained throughout the distribution chain.

To learn more, visit www.pelibiothermal.com


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