How Pump Supply AS reduced costs and delighted customers with the use of Peli cases

On PELInsights, we often cover how Peli’s products protect all that you value, and thus how our products can help professionals in various markets all over the world. With that in mind, we’ve recently embarked on a project to show you exactly how we do this by bringing you the stories of businesses that have used products from Peli to improve their product offering or facilitate operations. These will come in the form on case studies.

In this case study we analyse how a Norwegian organisation by the name of Pump Supply AS, a leading supplier of high-quality high-pressure equipment, protective equipment, and training to organisations that operate in industries such as Marine, Oil & Gas, Industrial and Aquaculture, were able to leverage Peli’s high-performance Protector Cases and incorporate it into the design for their products.

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What is Pump Supply?

Pump Supply produces systems with high-pressure pumps, boosters, and compressors for liquids such as water, oil, and other chemicals as well as gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. Pumps have applications in many different industries and are generally utilised to pump a substance from one place to another. In the Oil & Gas sector, for example, pumps are an essential component, delivering oil from ground to ship, oil refinery, or storage and to speed up fluid flow from one point or another. Compressors and boosters are similarly used for many industrial processes, using high pressure air for testing, pneumatic operations, energy storage in a pressure vessel, and many others.

Pump Supply’s Pain Points

Pump Supply’s booster systems are transported all over the world, often to remote areas such as offshore oil rigs and ships located in the middle of the ocean. This necessitates a product that is mobile and lightweight so that it may be easily transported via rail, air, and sea. Additionally, given that the areas where these products are often operated are among the harshest environments in the world, protection is a must.

Having said that, Pump Supply’s original design for some of their booster systems had one big problem: They were designed to be housed within stainless steel or aluminium frames. Not only did these frames provide no protection, but they were very heavy, which made transportation of the systems highly onerous. “Stainless steel or aluminium frames are kind of heavy, there’s no protection,” said a Pump Supply representative. “All the other systems that are in a steel or aluminium frame, you need a pallet. It’s just awkward to move. And no protection.”

If you’d like to know more about how Peli helped Pump Supply to refine the design of their booster system, download a FREE PDF with the entire story.

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