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How Pump Supply AS reduced costs and delighted customers with the use of Peli cases

On PELInsights, we often cover how Peli’s products protect all that you value, and thus how our products can help professionals in various markets all over the world. With that in mind, we’ve recently embarked on a project to show you exactly how we do this by bringing you the stories of businesses that have used products from Peli to improve their product offering or facilitate operations. These will come in the form on case studies.

Why composition is important in photography

Peli Cases are not only intended for seasoned veterans of professional photography, but for any photographer who may want to protect their equipment from dust, humidity or any inclement weather conditions that make it unsafe or impractical to move your equipment or photo shoot outdoors.

How Peli Helps Organisations Ensure Industrial Safety

All you need to know about ATEX, ANSI standards and how to ensure a safe workplace

Lumens Aren't Everything

A discussion on the “lumen race” and why measuring the quality of a light solely by the lumen count is misguided.

Logistics Management: What is it and why is it important?

As you might imagine, one of the main challenges of logistics is transporting materials from one point to another. PELI Cases are particularly adept at protecting equipment during shipping, so we’d like to think we have a little insight into what logistics involves, why it is so important to organisations across the world, as well as why high quality packaging is paramount in supply chain management strategy.

What’s the difference between Peli Air, Protector and Storm cases?

In 1976, Peli Products invented a new product category of virtually indestructible protective cases. It’s been a while since then and as one might imagine, Peli’s product offering in the protective case department has diversified significantly over the last four decades.

PELI products are engineered for life.

PELI protects what matters to you, through the harshest conditions, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Proudly manufactured in the U.S., UK and Germany, Peli Products are proven in the harshest environments: aerospace, oil/gas, industrial, scientific, fire/safety, law enforcement, military, photography, broadcast and outdoor adventurers.

Legendary protection for over 40 years. Rugged. Trusted. Uncompromising.

Peli products are built to the highest and most demanding standards. Constantly evolving, always exceeding expectations.

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