PELI Supports the Red Cross volunteer program “CRI in Bici – Squad” with product donations

Peli has reached a partnership agreement with the Italian Red Cross - Comitato Municipi 2-3 di Roma, as part of the company’s commitment to responsible, ethical and sustainable business operations.

Peli™ Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases and advanced lighting solutions, has partnered with Red Cross volunteers from the 2-3 district in Rome to support them in their unique “CRI in Bici – Squad” initiative.

Peli Red Cross Bici
To help the populace during this unprecedented public health and social crisis, the Italian Red Cross “Time of kindness” program sees Red Cross volunteers all over the country carrying out activities to deliver food, medicine and other goods to people most in need. To improve the delivery capacity, Rome’s 2-3 district Red Cross committee has set up a team of volunteer bike riders to deliver urgent life-saving medicines to the elderly and other at-risk groups. This team is also trained to use automatic emergency defibrillators and patroles bike paths as well as green areas of Rome’s municipalities to give first aid assistance in an efficient and sustainable way.

In line with the company’s efforts to improve sustainable business practices with a social and environmental focus, PELI products is proud to support this unique program by supplying some of the logistic equipment needed by the Red Cross, like torches to be used by the riders in emergency operations and protective cases that will be mounted on the bikes to carry first aid equipment and emergency devices like defibrillators, thus guaranteeing this life-saving equipment arrives fully functional. 

Philanthropic programs such as this one, has been been integral to the PELI’s value system since the company’s founding over 45 years ago. “Protecting All That You Value” includes protecting those safeguarding our communities and the environment.

More information on the initiatives of the CRI Rome 2-3 District can be found on their Facebook and Instagram account.

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