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For more than 45 years, Peli Products has built the best in the world. But it’s our users and avid fans that have built the Peli name. Peli knows the most valuable thing that our users will ever put in a Peli case is trust. If it’s made by Peli, it’s built to protect.

To prove this point, we decided to put together a page with testimonials by some of our users who explain how much they love and trust our products, and why you can also put your trust in Peli Products.

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"Thanks to the peli case, the roaster remains safe being carried from place to place, often on uneven ground. 'It was great walking down the cobblestone streets of Oaxaca city, wheeling the IKAWA in its case without the worry of damaging it,' remembers Laura. On one occasion they sent the IKAWA from one city to another via a buseta, a minivan service very popular within the state to transport people and goods. 'I needed to urgently roast coffee in Oaxaca city, but the IKAWA Pro was in a lab in the North of the State. The quickest and cheapest way to receive the roaster was to use a buseta. We were quite nervous as the roads are pretty bad, but the roaster arrived in perfect condition. We were quite impressed!'”.

  • IKAWA Coffee

“PELI products help protect my rifle, which is essential! I use the PELI 1720 Case and it ensures that my rifle is safe on journeys, thanks to its robustness.”

  • Julia Simon, World Champion Biathlete

“Whether it's cold or dusty, I like to use the PELI Air Case 1615 so I can fit two Canon EOS-1D X MKII bodies with a 600 mm and a 200-400 mm. The equipment is protected from any environmental influences. For example, if I am on a boat, the equipment won’t be damaged even if we capsize. The equipment is always ready for use and can be accessed quickly and easily.”

  • Thorsten MIlse, National Geographic Wildlife Photographer

“The most special feature of a Peli in my opinion is that it simply works, it is not trying to be more than it needs to be. It is a product that works and the adjustments and features that come with innovation like the air series and like TSA locks or color designs are not compromising the foundations of the product a strong, reliable case to carry and protect your gear.”

  • Leo Rosas, Redbull Photographer

“Back when I was a watchmaker, I became obsessed with the Peli brand. […] I get just as much joy from viewing or transporting my [wrist watch] collection in cases that are as collectible as many of the pieces within. […] When it comes to durability and security, I couldn’t ask for more from this gear.”

  • Rob Nudds, Watchmaker, Watch collector and Managing Editor for FratelloWatches

“I am a fireman and operational photographer, and I have many products to secure my personal and professional gear […] This secure and compact case [R40 Ruck case] allows me to easily store my drawing tablet, my batteries, and other cables […] In this case [0350 Peli Cube Case], I keep my helmet and lights so that they are fully functional during each mission. This superb and compact yellow case [Protector Case 1400] allows me to secure my video camera, my flashes and my emergency lenses.”

  • Eliott Charré, Firefighter and rescue operations photographer

“I am working at sea with a small RHIB [rigid hull inflatable boat] in the Falklands studying dolphins […] we cannot go out without our PELI case. The RHIB is constantly under water from the sea or sky. Our cameras, phones, laptops stay protected in the case!”

  • Marina Costa, marine biologist

“Tough, reliable, waterproof, solid cases such as PELI Protector Cases are required for all sensitive equipment. The risk of something crucial breaking when we are 6 hours flight from base, 11 hours flight from real civilisation, could at best, spell the end of the project, or at worst, leave us unable to communicate with our base in case of emergency.”

  • Malcolm Airey, Field Guide for the British Antarctic Survey

“Peli cases have become fundamental when traveling to shoot or just storing gear when not shooting. For traveling I always use the Peli Air 1607 to store my water housing along with other gear. The case is so solid that I’m never worried when I check it in on a plane. It always arrives intact. When on location, it’s the case I use to store my water housing before jumping into the water with my camera. As hand luggage, I use the PELI AIR 1535, in which I store my camera along with hard drives and accessories. I also use that same case to store the equipment at the office to protect it from humidity with the 1500D desiccant silica gel. Recently I started using the big Peli 1615TRVL Air Travel case to take extra equipment that’s always necessary on these kinds of projects, such as stabilisers or just diving equipment. The dividers make it really handy because I can arrange them as I like depending on the gear I need to store.”

  • Ricardo Nascimiento, Underwater Cinematographer

“But with an attractive price point and virtually indestructible composition, the 1615 [AIR Travel case] is certainly practical for the civilian traveller. In my opinion, however, what makes it such a stylish piece of luggage is that conveying status played no part in its design, which — given Peli’s history — I assume focused on making something that would transport just about anything in extreme conditions. It’s style, then, lies in what it is … not what it implies.”

  • Simon van Booy, writer, novelist and frequent traveller

“Peli has really changed the way I organise my trips. The star product for me is the Peli Air 1535 Carry On Case. It's my go-to Peli everywhere I go. It's just the perfect fit: it doesn't need to be checked-in when I travel by plane thanks to its size; it has wheels; it is lightweight and resistant to all sort of weather conditions. As a person who travels often, the other two products that I love are Micro Cases and Ruck cases because they are very suitable for storing all the gadgets that I will be using during the trip (hard drives, memory cards, headphones...). Peli products are very safe and resistant, and that for me is their most remarkable feature.”

  • Álvaro Rodríguez, Water Sports Photographer

“Peli cases are the perfect fit to protect our gear during our expeditions.”

  • Arnaud Conne, Captain of Scientific Expedition Team Glacialis

“We are using Peli cases for our precious equipment from the beginning. Our equipment is ensured, but what do you do, when you reach your destination, and the equipment is broken? You will not get a replacement immediately. You are unhappy and your customer is unhappy as well. We rely on Peli cases, because they withstand all influences of the environment during land, sea and air transport. Now we are using the new Peli Air cases because they are much lighter but still strong enough. And my wife loves them, because less weight for the equipment means more weight for personal belongings on flights.”

  • Dieter Horn, Face and Land Photography

“I use the PELI 1510 case. It follows me everywhere I go, in all my missions. I keep my photography gear inside and I know that it is safe and secure there.”

  • Anthony Boutin, professional photographer and firefighter

“For us photographers, the essential equipment is our photographic cameras and the Peli cases where we transport and protect our cameras, lenses, flashes, batteries and Led spotlights in. We use the Peli 1300 and 1400 as it’s not bulky and perfectly suitable for the conditions inside the cave. […] Mud, water, humidity or dust could easily destroy the photographic material but our Peli cases keep them safe. They are our best allies and we have been relying on Peli cases for years now.”

  • Roberto Garcia, Speleologist & Photographer

“I use a Sony a6400 with a 50mm 1.8 lens and 24-70mm 2.8. which I store in my orange Peli Air 1535 Case.”

  • Pol Tarrés, Professional Mountain Biker

“I use the PELI 1560LFC Protector Laptop where I store a Canon 6D Mark II, a Sony CX900, two objective lenses (Canon L-Series 24-70mm and Canon L-Series 70-200mm). For most operations I take the tablet, Macbook as well as chargers and batteries which all perfectly fits into the Peli case. What I like the most about the case are the wheels. Many deployment sites are difficult to access or far away from the place where a car can be parked. Thus the wheels make it more convenient to reach the place and I don’t have to worry to damage my gear as the case is extremely robust.”

  • Jan Ohmen, Volunteer Firefighter

“Usually, I store all my camera gear which I bring for a job in my Peli Case. That are two cameras and at least three lenses. Sometime a drone too. Apart from being dust proof I love that it is water proof and does float too.”

  • Roman Königshofer, adventure sports photographer, filmmaker and visual content creator

“Peli has been a huge help, especially for trips to rough and far-away places. There’s a lot of technology that is very expensive and salt water is our worst enemy! I carry all my gear in Peli Air Cases because they’re light and I can throw them into the water with waves crashing on them and the gear is safe. And trust me, I tested them in some rough environments.”

  • David Ochoa, Spearfishing guide and filmmaker

“My PELI products are always with me as they are the perfect solution for a photographer who travels a lot. The cases are very spacious and have great interior structures, so I never have problems or worries that my equipment will be damaged.”

  • Uros Podlogar, professional photographer

“My video producer kit is protected by PELI, from my phone to my drones and all of my cameras. I love the PELI Air case and the model for hand luggage. As I film a lot in the dark, I also use PELI lights. I love the headlamps!”

  • Antonio Varcasia, professional videographer

“The most vital equipment we currently have to protect are the radio systems. The cases will protect our equipment.”

  • Antonis Troumoulis, President of Hellenic Rescue Team

“The case is simply amazing: I use it to store my camera gear and the dividers really help me to find smaller items.”

  • Nicolas Dewalque, Paralympic Triathlete

“Tough, compact and easy to use, [Peli cases] guarantee the safety of the most sensitive equipment working under the most difficult conditions. For seven weeks, we were relentlessly bombarded by rain, snow, wind, waves and cold without our equipment suffering any damage at all. For part of the voyage, the cases were on deck, often covered with several inches of snow. Yet the interiors were kept completely safe and dry.”

  • 'In the Footsteps of Shackleton' Expedition Team

“We use the PELI 1070CC hardback laptop cases to protect our laptops as they are packed in our soft luggage on top of the bikes. The luggage needs to be strapped very tightly and only PELI can assure that this won’t destroy the fragile screens and keyboards of the laptops. We also know that our laptops will be safe in case of a crash.”

  • XT Adventures

“Protector Cases gave me peace of mind when transporting essential and delicate kit. To have this level of reliability in such an extreme environment is a truly welcome relief. As is the relief at the end of the race when all members of the team have competed safely and successfully. That’s truly the best part of the job.”

  • Carlos Solano, official HRC mechanic for the Dakar Rally

“It’s very important to me that I arrive at work with my equipment in the same condition as it left my house in. Sometimes I go to circuits where the nearest technical service is hours away by car, so it’s very important that I avoid breakages or unexpected incidents. The equipment that I use is just as important as keeping it in perfect condition!”

  • Alejandro Ceresuela, MotoGP photographer

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