How to Install a MOLLE Panel in a Peli case?

Our exclusive Peli™ EZ-Click™ MOLLE Panel is a lid organizer system on steroids- it’s a durable panel that uses twist-cam locks to detach from your Peli™ case for a swift changeout. Now you can attach an unlimited combination of user-supplied MOLLE pouches and Velcro™ straps to the inside of your case lid. With additional panels you can even pre-configure your gear for each job or adventure.

Find out how to install a MOLLE panel into a Peli case below.


Molle panels are extremely versatile quick-release lid organizers that are compatible with an unlimited combination of user-supplied Molle pouces and Velcro straps. 
Engineered to fit in the lid of a selection of Peli case models, the EZ-Click panel is secured with exclusive twist-cam locks for rapid mounting and removal. These multi-use panels allow for different load configurations and are the smart option if your equipment tends to vary.

Each Molle panel kit includes one panel, mounting bosses and round head steel metal screws. The quantities of mounting bosses and screws will depend on the corresponding case model.

Now let´s show you how to mount the panel in the lid of the case. As you will see, it´s incredible easy to mount and to detach. First of all, install the swing catch mounting bosses onto the lid bosses – which our moulded into the case - with the supplied screws. 

Step 1: Insert screw mount

Use a manual screwdriver to tighten the screws. Be careful that you don't overtighten!

Step 2: Tighten screw mount

Attach the accessories you want to use to the panel with the help of the Velcro straps. You can fit several accessories at the same time. The Peli Molle panel is designed to be compatible with user sourced MOLLE style pouches and Velcro™ brand straps. 

Step 3: Attach the pouches or accessories to the panel

Carefully position the holes of the panel onto the switch catch mounting bosses of the lid. Rotate the swing arm to latch counter-clockwise onto the swing catch mounting boss until it clicks.

Remember, make sure to attach any MOLLE accessories to the panel prior to fitting it into the lid.

Step 4: Position the panel and rotate the swing arm

And….you´re done! 

With rapid access to the back of the grid panel, you can quickly switch out an unlimited combination of user-supplied MOLLE style pouches and Velcro brand straps to organise your gear.

Easily rearrange as many as times as you need.

Remember, only a certain number of Peli cases are optimized for use with a Panel frame. Note that each case model will have a matching panel.

Please visit to learn which cases are fit.

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