Protecting Your Jewellery: How to Store and Care for Your Pieces in a Jewellery Box

We all have jewellery that we treasure. Maybe it's a family heirloom passed down for generations, or maybe it's a shiny new engagement ring. Whatever the case may be, it's important to take care of your jewellery to ensure it lasts for years to come. One of the most crucial aspects of preserving your jewellery is having the appropriate storage. That's why selecting the perfect jewellery box is essential. In this article, we'll guide you through the best practices of taking care of your jewellery, with a focus on the importance of having the right jewellery box.


Choose a jewellery box with a soft lining and one that can keep pieces separate

The first step to preserving your jewellery is to choose a jewellery box that provides adequate protection. A jewellery box with a solid exterior provides added protection, while a soft interior lining ensures your jewellery remains scratch-free. Dividers are also essential for preventing scratches on settings, kinks in chains, tarnishing of silver, and damaging gemstones. A place to hang necklaces can prevent a tangled mess, and opting for a bigger box or a free-standing jewellery armoire when necessary, can ensure your jewellery never touches each other.

Jewellery is an investment worth protecting. Whether you're traveling, moving, or just storing it at home, proper jewellery storage is essential to prevent damage or loss. Here are some tips to help you store your jewellery properly:

Storing Jewellery at Home

When storing jewellery at home, it's important to keep it away from excessive air exposure and the elements. Use a tarnish-proof cloth, such as the flannel pouch, or a storage box lined with tarnish-proof fabric. Good storage boxes have separate compartments for each piece to prevent tangling or disarrangement.

Packing Jewellery When Traveling

Organizing and protecting your jewellery during travel is crucial. If you're traveling with several pieces, we recommend using a travel case or bag with separate compartments to prevent tangling or disarrangement. Keep jewellery away from clothing to prevent snags and carry any valuable pieces with you in case of lost luggage. 

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Packing Jewellery for a Move

When moving, it's important to keep your jewellery in its permanent storage location. If you're using a jewellery box, wrap and package each piece separately before placing them back in the box. Once all pieces are secured, package the jewellery box like any other piece of furniture.

Store jewellery types separately

All jewellery is unique and deserves special attention. Fine jewellery like diamonds, pearls, and coloured gemstones all have their own specifications when it comes to storage. Diamonds are the hardest gemstones and should be stored separately in soft cloth pouches to prevent damage. Pearls are fragile and soft, meaning they require an extra soft interior space for storing. Coloured gemstones should be cleaned with a damp cloth after wearing and before storing away. Gold, platinum, and sterling silver metals also require special attention when it comes to storing.

Provide the best environment

Avoiding extreme temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight is essential for preserving your jewellery. It's best to store jewellery in cool, clean, and dry places to prevent changes in colour, weakening of clasps, and harm to certain gemstones.

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Avoiding exposure to hair sprays, makeup, lotions, powders, and soaps is also necessary to provide the best environment possible for your jewellery.

Keep jewellery stored away while cleaning, outside in the yard, and while swimming

The chemicals in household products, such as bleach, and the chemicals in pools and hot tubs, such as chlorine, can have harmful effects on metals and gemstones. It's best to not wear any jewellery at all while coming into contact with such chemicals. Keeping your jewellery stored safely inside is also a best practice while doing yard work. Too many times people have lost a gemstone or diamond because of loose prongs.

Have jewellery checked regularly 

Having your jewellery checked regularly by your local jeweller is one of the most important preventative actions you can take. Each time you bring your jewellery into your jeweller, they can check for any loose gemstones, diamonds, and prongs while also giving it a good cleaning. We suggest setting up an appointment once a year to have the rhodium plating recoated on your white gold rings. This makes it look as if your jewellery is new again.

The Brass Tacks

In conclusion, taking care of your jewellery is crucial for ensuring its longevity and keeping it looking as good as new. A proper jewellery box with soft lining and separate compartments is essential, but it's also important to store different types of jewellery separately, provide the best environment possible, keep your jewellery stored while cleaning or doing outdoor activities, and have your jewellery checked and cleaned regularly by your local jeweller. With these tips, you can be sure your jewellery will last for years to come.

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