3715 LED Light review by Guido Siebers

Firefighter: Guido Siebers

Country: Netherlands

The 3715 LED Zone 0 Flashlight is an absolute favorite. It’s compact, and it really packs a lot of light. The three types of light are really convenient, since you can use each of them with a different purpose. For instance, the large light is perfect to explore incident-zones, while the three small LED lights are really useful to read maps or walk in dark, clear áreas.The light has a perfect shape to attach it to your jacket. It also fits well in chest pockets. The flat surfaces are really helpful to get good light assistance. I was involved in a car accident with a LPG leakage. I needed to use a safe, compact light to find it and stabilize it. In that situation, this Zone 0 light with flat surface gave me a really helping hand.

I also used this light to train in our hazmat suits. The thick rubber gloves gave no trouble on working with the flashlight.

The indication on top of the light. The button on top is really easy to operate and the grip on the side helped me during the training. The three smaller lights were really useful to read the reflecting map.

is simple and really effective. It shows directly if I can use the flashlight during the incident, which gives me a safe feeling when I go into a burning building.


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