3715 LED Light Review by Ricardo Alves (Portugal)

Firefighter: Ricardo Alves
Country: Portugal

3715 Led Light Review by Ricardo Alves (Portugal)

PELI Products 3715 LED Light

We were very satisfied with the 3715Z0 LED flashlight. The first thing that we noticed just upon opening the package was the sturdiness it shows with rugged, good-quality material and its bright, good-visibility colour.

3715 Led Light Review by Ricardo Alves (Portugal) 2The flashlight was very easy to operate, both used by hand or on a chest pocket. The button was easy to push even with gloves on.

Actually we found that the best way to carry this flashlight while in action was strapped onto a chest pocket. This way the flashlight provides good light with its two beams, one pointing downwards to the floor and another pointing forward.

The forward beam, with its concentrated light and high and low modes, is especially useful for penetrating the thick smoke we encounter inside burning buildings.

Being an LED flashlight, the battery duration was quite good and the battery life indicator was very useful. We think the flashlight should be provided with a rechargeable battery and a recharging “cradle” to put on the firehouse. This way we could be sure to always carry a fully recharged flashlight when leaving for a fire.

We also liked to be able to use the flashlight knowing it was waterproof and could go with us everywhere.



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