3715 LED Light review by Hlynur Kristjánsson

Firefighter: Hlynur Kristjánsson

Country: Iceland

3715 Zone 0 LED Light

First Impression: When I opened the box containing my new 3715 Zone 0 LED Light, the first thing I noticed was the strong quality. This light looks really accurately made, it is sturdy and feels very reliable.  The battery compartment is easy to open and use and it’s fully waterproof.

The light is a bit heavy, but I think it is due to its structure. When roll it on your hand, you can tell it can take bump or two.  It also looks waterproof, all joints are well sealed, so there’s no way water can filter in.

Using: I used the big clip on the back of the light to fasten it to the microphone band of my jacket. Thanks to the big size of the clip, it’s quite easy to get it on and off, even wearing big gloves. The same happens with the on/off interrupter on top: it is big and tough and easy to use wearing gloves.

The battery level indicator is a nice detail.  The light is very powerful and gives a wide and strong beam.  The thing I like the most about the light is the floor beam. It allows you to see what is in front of you in difficult scenarios. That’s priceless.

Conclusion: An absolutely reliable light. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good and well-made flashlight.





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