3315 LED Light Review by Guido Siebers (Netherlands)

Firefighter: Guido Siebers
Country: Netherlands

Peli 3315 Led Light review by firefighter betatester Guido Siebers (1)

PELI Products 3315 LED Light

From PELI I’ve received two perfectly functioning flashlights. These lights are what really makes a difference while working: reliable and good operating, they make your job easier and safer!

Peli 3315 Led Light review by firefighter betatester Guido Siebers (2)During the testing period, I’ve used both lights very frequently. I wore the PELI 3715 perched on my jacket, and the PELI 3315 clipped on my helmet. The light that both lanterns shine is really impressive. Compared to our current lights, they’re really outstanding, and the amount of Lumen definitely pops out!

The PELI 3315 is the perfect handheld and helmet flashlight. Also very easy to use when wearing thick gloves. The flashlight uses 3 AA batteries, and they really last long! I used it very frequently, and it kept on running perfectly.

The incidents I’ve used the flashlight at its best were a fire in a nursing home and also various incidents at night. In the nursing home, I found the LED light was really helpful at indoor fires. There was a lot of thick and black smoke, and the LED light gave me a good image of its color, helping me to interpret the dangers and improving my performance.



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