“Here lies the iM2370, flat on the dirty road, scratched and dusty, but… it’s a PELI case!”

Sometimes expeditions get complicated. PELI sponsored astrophotographer Christoph Malin, from Austria, knows well. An iM2370 PELI Case saved his work in Tunisia, and he shared his story with us:

So we are deep in northern Tunisia, at that remote ancient roman ruins site working late, day and night, on a time-lapse astrophotography.

We pack the car at 04:00 am, completely wasted and exhausted. It’s a strange kind of shrunk car made for the arab market, a cheap, crappy car, and the rear door does not hold up 100%. We pack in all the  gear, put the iM2370 on top of it, and lock it.

A little later, on a windy country road in the blackest of nights I notice that the rear trunk door is open- and my iM2370… is gone! OMG. We are instantly awake and turn the car around, now driving back, swearing, looking left and right off the road to see the case (with all the production data and equipment worth 15.000 Euro).

At the gate I jump out of the car with a torch light and run back towards the site. Soon after the gate lays the iM2370, flat on the dirty road. Scratched and dusty, but… it’s a PELIcase! Nothing damaged inside, of course.

We are the happiest guys now, driving back to the hotel, and of course keeping an eye on the trunk door at every time. The production is safe again, with 3 TeraBytes of unrepeatable data, stored inside that iM2370 case.

My PELI’s are always there for me, and in these kinds of situations, is exactly when they pay off!



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