Peli 1510 survives massive fire onboard Dutch shipping vessel

Peli cases go through a multitude of tests during the manufacturing process including drop, leak, vibration, impact and heat tests. If you were ever skeptical of Peli cases' ability to stand up to fires, you won't be after reading this story. This is the story of a truly indestructible Peli 1510 case that was caught in a fire and survived, with all of its contents intact, safe and sound.

On board a ship at the yard of Keppel Verolme in the Botlek Rotterdam, Netherlands a fire broke out in a sauna of the ship, while it was docked.

dutch vessel fireBecause fire on board a ship is always complex, a special ship fire fighting team from the fire brigade was sent to put out the fire. The fire brigade was pulled out with three fire lorries and one aerial vehicle. Three ambulances were also dispatched to the incident.

Although the fire was categorized as a "large fire", fortunately, no one was seriously injured. A person was briefly seen by the ambulance. It is not yet known how the fire started; however the damage to ship was extensive.

Osama Jalaly is the owner of a Peli 1510, which was onboard the vessel when the fire broke out.

dutch vessel fire 2'I am pleased to inform you that I am very satisfied with my Peli case, as it survived a major fire onboard a vessel. My tool case (Peli Case 1510 Desert Tan) was the only case that came out with undamaged contents. Moreover it's still functional', said Jalaly. 

Jalay continued, 'The room where my tools were kept (server room) was just beside the fire source (the sauna).'

'As you can see [from the photos], it was too hot inside the server room and everything was damaged and melted. Only my case was still intact and no drop of water got inside. Everyone was amazed and it’s the topic of conversation onboard now.'

dutch vessel fire 4

Check out the photos of the burnt vessel and the Peli case with its contents perfectly intact and undamaged. 

dutch vessel fire 6

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