A life lived in the mountains: Sebastien Montaz

Probably, his unique perspective has a lot to do with the award-winning trajectory of his productions. Maybe it is because of the passion that impregnates each of his films, showing adventure and mountains the way he loves them.

You may know Sebastien Montaz-Rosset for titles such as such as “I believe I can fly” with the skyliners, “T’es pas bien là” or “Downside Up” with Vivian Bruchez, “Dejame Vivir” or “Summits of my Life”, a project that follows Killian Jornet, or his latest opus, “The flying frenchies”, an unclassifiable and fantastic fresco that combines highline circus art with base jumping.

His cameras reach places others can only dream of. His outdoor expertise and innovative use of equipment allows him to accompany people to incredible journeys.

An eager traveller and explorer, this filmmaker is also a mountain guide, carrying his photography and video equipment across the highest peaks of his adopted valley, Chamonix, and around the world, often in extreme conditions. And the PELI™ cases and backpacks, of course, accompany him wherever his feet guide him.

Follow him at: www.sebmontaz.com


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