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Maximize the volume of your EU Pallet with the new ISP2 Calculator from PELI! 

PELI has developed an online 3D tool for logistics professionals to get the right combination for their cargo space . Check out the video below.


Being the largest manufacturer of shipping containers in the world, PELI is proud to announce the logistic innovation of the year with its ISP2 Online Volume Calculator.  

ISP2 Pallet Stacked Colors

For those unfamiliar with the ISP2 Cases, they are designed to stay secure in transit, equipped with a 10x10 cm square pattern that matches the lid with the base and locks the cases together in a stack. Its design permits an easy cross-stacking among all models and enhances their rotationally moulded polymer construction’s load bearing properties. This system allows for taller loads that won’t shift during air turbulence, while sailing rough seas or driving over poor road conditions and facilitates your logistic mission.  

PELI ISP2 containers are designed to fit, cross-stacked, on a Euro pallet with dimensions of 1200 mm x 800 mm, in order to avoid any loss of cargo during shipping. Its unique stacking rib pattern is designed to maximize the volume of standard logistics platforms to organize the ISP2 cases as a solid block.  

PELI ISP2 cases withstand temperatures as low as -30°C up to 60°C. The ISP2 Cases are manufactured in Europe according to the strictest standards and can meet Mil-Spec, the United States Military Standard, as well as the ATA 300 requirements which includes design, development and procurement of effective packaging for supplies and equipment shipped by airlines.  

ISP2 configurator ui

PELI offers 64 sizes compatible with standard pallets and fully configurable to maximize the logistic volume of the Euro pallet. They all come equipped with handles to enhance the speed of loading and unloading over conventional containers. The use of columnar ribs in the case walls support a much taller pallet stack than corrugated boxes. This takes advantage of overhead cargo space that would otherwise be wasted.  

With the New PELI ISP2 Calculator you are now able to use our online 3D pallet organizer to configure your ISP2 case stacks in the most ideal way to secure and optimize the space of your Euro pallet, US pallet or custom cubic space. The tool also gives you the percentage of pallet occupancy used, and the number of cases needed to fill in your pallet. Additionally, the tool provides you with some standard stack configurations to make configuring your case stack easier and faster. Aside from customisable ISP2 cases there are also 5 pre-configured ISP2 models available. 

You can calculate your cargo shipment with PELI ISP2 cases now by clicking on the button:

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