How PELI Supports Aerospace & Defence Industries

By Brian on May 11, 2023
How PELI Supports Aerospace & Defence Industries

Peli ™ is world’s largest manufacturer of aerospace and defence approved reusable plastic cases.

When an aircraft is grounded and in need of repair and crucial replacement parts arrive damaged, the result is lost revenue. Crucial repair parts, rotable inventory, must be in-stock and up to spec, if the daily sortie count drops, the operation is at risk. From keeping production on schedule to managing rotable spares inventory, reusable packaging from Peli is all about control.

Single Lid Customised Cases

Advanced Case Solutions are the embodiment of Peli proficiencies across materials science, packaging engineering, project management and manufacturing. As the inventors of the industry standard cushioning curve formula, innovators in case design and experts in protecting high-tech military equipment – few challenges are beyond our capabilities. Our highly renowned single lid containers have protected the most sensitive, state-of-the-art technologies deployed around the globe according to challenging specifications of the defence and aerospace industries. We are experts at Mission Critical success.

Metal and Foam Protection  

Metal decks or cradles are used to secure heavy equipment, and elastomeric shock mounts isolate the metal fixture from the case shell.

Shock absorbing foam is custom fit to your component, and a variety of densities and material compositions are available. Precise kitting of aircraft parts and tools can mitigate foreign object damage (FOD). O-ring gaskets, forklift pockets, pressure relief valves and heavy duty spring loaded handles are other custom options that make a Peli™ case much more than a box. And our best-in-class quality inspection and continuous improvement programs guarantee that the last case is the same high quality as the first.

We Think Inside the Box for You

Our internal teams have long-term experience in designing everything from simple foam cushions to extremely complex metal structures for use in dramatically diverse shipment, storage, and use conditions – including military deployments and combat situations. From deck-mounted equipment to bezel-mounted electronics with integrated exhaust fans to cases with multiple access points and interface portals or extended-profile customisations – no case requirement is beyond our capabilities.

In extreme temperatures, undergoing radical oscillation or direct impact, surrounded by water, chemicals or fine dust particulates – your product is protected inside our Advanced Case Solution.

ISP2 Cases: Stack with Authority

Shifting loose cargo can slow down your operations and threaten the mission with damaged freight. Peli's ISP2 Cases virtually eliminate load movement with a unique Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP). The system is compatible across 64 different case sizes, from 0,018 to 0,576 cubic metres of storage.

The system is designed to maximise the volume of standard logistics platforms. Whether loading Euro pallets, NATO pallets, 463L Master pallets or sea containers, the ISP2 Case system will make the most efficient use of cargo space. The 10x10cm squared pattern bottom matches with the cube pattern on the case below, literally falling and locking into place. Cross-stacking builds incredibly tight loads that can save time with strapping or netting.

Superior Rack Cases for Fragile IT Equipment

Ultra fragile electronic equipment can be transported safely in Peli's double-ended 19” rack cases. With optional slide out frames and access from both ends, our rack cases enable sophisticated electronics to be deployed in any environment.

Thanks to the rugged rotomoulded outer shell, our rack cases can take repeated drops, blows and soakings while protecting your electronics. Whether you need to protect extremely delicate equipment, or slightly more rugged electronics, Peli has a case with the perfect combination of shock, vibration protection and portability.

New! 30-inch Depth Rack Cases

Peli's new 30-inch rack frame cases are available in 3U, 5U, 7U and 9U sizes. These new cases add to the configurable SuperMAC™ racks (11 to 90 kg. payloads) and the two Made To Stock products; the Super-V square hole rack case (36 to 77 kg. payloads) and BlackBox rack case (9 to 45 kg. payloads). These 30-inch deep rack cases are ideal for a wide range of solid-state servers between 27-inch to 29-inch in depth.

The SuperMAC is a configurable case that is built to suit your specific server needs. It includes access to the same configurable rack case options that are currently enjoyed by the 24-inch SuperMAC rack.

Key to the new offering is the new Super-V 30, Peli’s partner to the Super-V 24-inch. The Super-V case models offer a square hole rack frame and include both SAE and M6 cage nuts, giving these cases universal application in any market.

The extremely popular 24-inch BlackBox model now has a 30-inch steel tapped frame for the same 4U sizes that is ideal for lower payload weights of up to 45 kg.

All of Peli’s new rack cases pass MIL-810 testing, including standard 26 drops per case per payload weight range, stacking weight, vibration testing as well as a complete range of standard MIL-810, which is a hallmark of Peli cases.

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