How Peli helps photographers, drone users and broadcast professionals

By Brian on April 12, 2023
How Peli helps photographers, drone users and broadcast professionals

It’s no secret that some of Peli’s biggest fans are amateur and professional photographers, drone users and broadcast professionals. As a result, we've been in touch with countless users of this type over the years who've shared with us their stories, their favourite locations to photograph and of course their preferred products from Peli to protect their equipment. In this post, we go over just what those products are so you can pick some of them up for yourself.

Virtually indestructible Protector cases for photographic equipment and drones

Whether you need to protect a DJI Phantom, DJI Mavic Pro, 3D robotics, ZeroTech Dobby S, Yuneec’s drone Typehoon, Xiaomi Mi Drone, or any other type of drone, quadcopter or photographic equipment, Peli offers a large variety of extremely rugged Protector cases in all sizes. There will even be space to comfortably fit any of your accessories such as controllers, spare batteries, rotors, tools, manuals, monitors and more. Many of Peli protector cases include wheels for the more irregular, steep areas.

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Lightweight Peli Air cases for traveling with photography and drone equipment

Peli Air, our newest protective case range is up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, making it the perfect choice in case you need to travel light with your drone or AV equipment. Designed to cut weight without compromising durability, it offers innovation with an equal balance of toughness and lightness. The Peli Air line includes travel cases with wheels and retractable handle integrated, ideal for safe and comfortable transportation of photographic equipment and drones.

The innovative, customisable TrekPak™ divider system offers a unique pin system allowing flexible adjustment of dividers as your gear keeps changing.


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Storm cases, the ultimate cases for wildlife and fashion photographers

With its silent Press & Pull latches and its smooth rounded design Peli™ Storm Cases are preferred by professionals working in fashion or wildlife photography. Whether it is for a photo shoot or for closely observing wild animals, there is a Storm case for all kind of photographic or audio/visual equipment.

The iM2275 Storm Case is the ideal case for safely transporting mid-sized drones thanks to its deeper lid, giving you more vertical space to work with your equipment.

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Superior protection for broadcast IT equipment

When on a drone-mission or broadcasting from remote locations, the Peli-Hardigg double end 19” rackmount cases allow you to safety transport your ultra fragile servers and data analytical IT-equipment. The off-the-shelf V-Series and BlackBox rack cases include shock mounts, providing excellent shock and vibration cushion. Whereas V-Series come with a fixed square hole frame for universal equipment fit and clip nuts, the Black Boxes are built with a round hole frame. Thanks to the rugged rotationally moulded outer shell, our rack cases can take repeated drops, blows and soakings while protecting your electronics.

Dell Rack Case - mockup

Engineered cases for larger industrial drones and high-tech UAVs

From our exclusive do-it-yourself Pick N Pluck™ foam to sophisticated metal fixtures cushioned with elastomeric shocks, Peli makes it easy to customise a case to your specific needs. Send us your product or your CAD files and we’ll configure a high-end case per your requirements.

For the most sensitive equipment, we offer a number of specialised services, including the manufacture of custom cradles and frames for heavy components, advanced solutions for controlling case vibration as well as arranging drop tests, vibration tests and leak tests with independent labs.



On the road or on set, professionals can count on Peli as the reliable partner when it comes to protecting their fragile hand-held AV or heavy-duty broadcasting equipment, cameras, drones or even the more complex multirotor systems and unmanned aircraft systems. Peli will make sure your equipment travels safe, no matter what! The different interior protection solutions, including Pick N Pluck and custom foam, TrekPak™ divider system, padded dividers or lid organisers for peripherals, will cushion your gear for ultimate impact resistance.

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