How Peli helps Fire & Rescue professionals and volunteers

By Brian on March 14, 2023
How Peli helps Fire & Rescue professionals and volunteers

Peli innovates products that are purpose-built for firefighters. We engage with firefighters in the field and in the firehouse to learn about their tactics, from how they are able to get a light under the smoke to organizing an EMS kit, to produce the best products possible to help fire and rescue professionals and volunteers with their needs on the job. 


Portable LED Work Lights

Peli’s Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) provide fully portable, rechargeable lighting to remote areas and emergency scenes.

With multiple heads, multi-position deployable masts and Bluetooth activation (select models only), RALS are extremely versatile and offer up to 28 hours of bright LED light. The silent, rechargeable sealed battery allows users to work virtually anywhere without the use of a generator.

The ATEX Approved 9455Z0 RALS (Zone 0 / Cat. 1), allows safe work in hazardous locations where flammable vapors, gases and chemical compounds may be present.

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Safety Approved Torches

ATEX Certified Zone 0 & 1

Peli’s extensive range of more than 15 Zone 0 and Zone 1 (Cat. 1 and 2) torches complies with the highest standards of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and meets the IECx (International Electrotechnical Commission) requirements.

With powerful next generation LEDs, these safety approved explosion-proof lights include models featuring up to 530 lumens and a run time of up to 47 hours. 

ATEX certified lighting is vital to firefighters working in potentially hazardous environments. Peli offers more safety approved industrial lights certified for Class I, II, III Div 1 and groups ABCDEFG than anyone else.

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Highly Versatile Headlamps

With up to 141 lumens, 47 hours of run time, revolutionary downcast lighting, pivoting heads for directional beam and battery level indication, Peli’s ATEX Zone 0 and 1 approved headlamps are packed with features and offer the perfect combination to support all professionals’ needs for hands free lighting in hazmat industries.

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Peli Protector Cases for Emergency Services

Whether you need to protect rescue equipment or high-tech gear, PELI™ offers a large variety of extremely rugged protector cases in all sizes and with different interior protection solutions, like configured lid organisers and trays for EMS professionals or practical utility padded dividers for maintenance workers. Besides, many of them include wheels or pull handles, allowing to take your valuable gear comfortably anywhere.

Peli Air Cases

The new Peli Air protective case range is up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases and makes it the lightest protector case on the market. Designed to cut weight without compromising durability, it offers innovation with an equal balance of toughness and lightness. The case is watertight, crushproof, dustproof and contains proven tough double throw latches. The Peli Air line includes two travel cases with wheels and retractable handle integrated, ideal for off-the-grid transportation and handling.

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If you'd like to know more about how Peli can help you, contact us to get in touch with a Peli expert in your area.


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