An interview with Rope Rescue Team 76 about Grimpday and Peli

By Alexa on June 27, 2024
An interview with Rope Rescue Team 76 about Grimpday and Peli

Grimpday, an esteemed international challenge, unites rescue teams worldwide, including firefighters, civil protection, the army, and the police. Held in Namur, Belgium, teams convene to engage in workshops focusing on essential first aid skills in hazardous environments.

Established in 2006 by members of Namur's regional fire department, Grimpday has garnered universal acclaim as a premier event in the realm of high-altitude rescue operations.

Lights-2750-2760-9490-3765Z0-Fire-Rescue_Photo by Rope rescue team 76 (2)

Among the standout participants is Rope Rescue Team 76 (pictured above), hailing from the French city of Rouen and highly skilled in rope rescue operations. Their recent commendable performance at Grimpday 2024, where they clinched the fifth spot, caught our attention. Consequently, we had the privilege of sitting down with them for an insightful interview, delving into their Grimpday experience and their appreciation for Peli Products.

  1. What inspired Rescue Team 76 to participate in Grimpday 2024, and how does it align with the team's mission and values?

    Rope Rescue Team 76 wanted to register for GRIMPDAY 2024 to challenge themselves against the best rope rescue teams in the world. The missions that we find in intervention are identical to the scenarios carried out by GRIMPDAY, and this allows us to progress and optimize our operational techniques. In addition, this entire competition shares values ​​that we hold dear, such as team spirit, sharing, cohesion and good humor. 

  2. Can you share some specific ways in which Peli Products have supported Rescue Team 76 in their training and preparation for Grimpday 2024?

    PELI supported us throughout the preparation as well as the competition through material support. In fact, we were able to perceive lighting in different forms in order to optimize our training, the speed of execution and the comfort of the victim. We received headlamps with the 2750 and 2760 models. Different projectors such as the RALS 9480 or the 3715. Finally, to transport our sensitive equipment, we received 2 PELI 1615 suitcases. We were also able to meet a representative of PELI France to discuss our needs and our product returns. The entire PELI team showed rare responsiveness and extreme kindness.

  3. Grimpday is known for its challenging rescue scenarios. How do the products from Peli help Rescue Team 76 overcome these challenges effectively?

    PELI products bring together a huge number of qualities that allow us to overcome the challenges of GRIMPDAY but also interventions. These are high-performance products, quick to set up and easy to use. They are also extremely robust and very reliable in all the conditions we face (rain, cold, heat). As proof, we had no breakage or need to replace equipment during the entire preparation and competition despite extreme use!!! In addition, these are products in which we have extreme confidence. This allows us to concentrate on the essential, carrying out the rescue mission.

  4. What are some of the key features of Peli Products that Rescue Team 76 finds most beneficial during high-pressure rescue operations?

    The reputation of the PELI brand is well established and we largely understand why. All products are efficient, rustic, resistant and with a lot of autonomy for lighting. We particularly appreciated the lightness and power of the headlamps as well as its quality of lighting. During GRIMPDAY, we were able to take part in similar events with other teams in the dark and clearly saw the difference. In addition, the RALS projector impressed us with its power and autonomy which really allows us to work on several scenarios without the need for charging.

  5. How does participating in an event like Grimpday 2024 help Rescue Team 76 stay ahead in terms of skills, technology, and teamwork?

    GRIMPDAY is surely the most difficult rope rescue competition in the world, and this participation allows you to be challenged in very intense events. We were able to work at heights of 80m, in confined environments underground in the dark, with boats to access victims. In addition, the exchanges with the teams, the judges and the sponsors present on site allow us to constantly evolve and question ourselves, which are clearly our values! Finally, we are very proud to maintain this lead in terms of technicality since we won the title of the team with the best “team leader” for the technical quality of its maneuvers, its command and its speed of execution. Each member of Rope Rescue Team 76 was really pushed to their limits during this competition. This allows us to get the most out of it for our primary motivation, which remains to be the most effective on intervention while guaranteeing maximum safety for all the teams present.

  6. What message would Rescue Team 76 like to convey to other rescue teams and professionals about the importance of using reliable equipment like Peli Products during critical missions?

    We really want to demonstrate the robustness, reliability, efficiency and confidence that we place in PELI products. We are very proud to be a partner of this renowned brand. We know that we can concentrate on the essentials during our rescue actions without worrying about the effectiveness of the lighting products we have. The technical nature of our missions requires great concentration, and working with reliable and efficient equipment is truly a game changer! Everyone has already encountered difficulties when intervening due to a faulty product, which inevitably leads to a loss of concentration for the team and major safety risks. This does not happen to us with PELI. The whole team would really like to thank the entire PELI team and more particularly Alexa who really listened to our needs and expectations. We really want to make this partnership last over time because we are really satisfied with all the products we have worked with. Finally, we completely agree with the values ​​of the PELI brand and the relationship we have with them! Beyond the indisputable quality of the products they offer, the human relationship and the exchange that we can have with them only convinces us of the quality of PELI! Again thanks to you!

Learn more about Grimpday here. You can also follow Rope Rescue Team 76 here.

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