How Peli Helps Organisations Ensure Industrial Safety

By Brian on September 15, 2021
How Peli Helps Organisations Ensure Industrial Safety

All you need to know about ATEX, ANSI standards and how to ensure a safe workplace

After the global pandemic caused work stoppages and delays for businesses all over the world due to health and safety concerns, it became plainly obvious that these can have far reaching consequences for an organisation. An accidental fire or explosion in a workplace, a reduced labour force due to injury or chemical hazards not only affect the lives of employees, but also significantly impacts an organisation’s operations. More specifically, these bottlenecks affect production output, delay shipping schedules and order fulfilment, harm vendor relationships and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Thus, ensuring the health and safety of a workforce is at the heart of a well-functioning organisation and is the best way to ensure operations run smoothly. Consequently, a major challenge for health and safety managers is to ensure the wellbeing of their workforce by preventing injuries and accidents and by providing employees with the training and tools they need to keep them safe.

Check out our latest video where we discuss exactly how Peli can help safety managers keep their workforce safe in hazardous potentially explosive atmospheres with Peli ATEX safety certified flashlights, headlamps and work lights.


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