A Full Rundown of Peli Case Accessories and Customization Options

Peli cases are renowned for their durability and reliability in protecting valuable equipment in a variety of industries ranging from photography and videography to military and law enforcement. Although, much of the focus with regard to protection afforded by Peli cases tends to be on the exterior protection, however, Peli case interiors are also very important. The customizable interiors, which allow users to tailor the layout to fit their specific needs, has been touched on before in much greater detail here. With that said, we are going to breakdown the various case customization options, including case interiors and other accessories. Here's a breakdown of the various customization options and accessories available:

Case Interior Foams

Pick N Pluck Foam: This is perhaps the most common customization option for Peli cases. The foam is pre-scored into small cubes that can be easily removed to create a customized shape that fits the equipment being stored. It's a simple and effective way to provide cushioning and protection for delicate items.


Learn how to set up Pick N Pluck foam here.

TrekPak Divider System: For those who prefer a more modular approach to organizing their gear, the TrekPak system offers a versatile solution. It consists of divider panels and pins that can be configured to create compartments of various sizes, providing flexibility for different equipment setups.


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Hybrid Cases: This is an alternative to TrekPak and Pick N Pluck foam interiors where you can have the best of both worlds. A hybrid case allows you to combine both TrekPak and Pick N Pluck foam, providing more versatility, all in one case.


Padded Dividers: An alternative way to organise gear inside a protective case is through the use of padded dividers. Made of durable nylon and foam, they’re extremely versatile, as you can change the sizes of each compartment as necessary, thanks to very strong Velcro®.


Learn how to set up padded dividers here.

Case Interior Lid Organization

Peli MOLLE Panels: MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) panels can be attached to the interior of Peli case lids, offering a grid of webbing that allows users to secure pouches, holsters, and other MOLLE-compatible accessories. This modular system is especially popular among military and tactical users for its versatility.


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Lid Organizers: Similar to the MOLLE panels, Peli offers lid organizers that attach to the interior of the case lid, providing additional storage space for small items such as cables, batteries, memory cards, and tools. Made of simulated leather or ballistic nylon with nylon zippers, there is a wide variety of pocket sizes to protect and keep your gear organized. Plus, you can quickly identify your gear with the padded divider's high contrast color.


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Case Panel Frames

Panel Frames/Bezel Kits: A Peli case can be used to house an electronic panel, which is a bit more of a specialized case interior, but quite useful to accommodate the needs of electronic engineers and other OEM projects. One popular type of insert is the panel frame, which allows for the simple attachment of an interface panel flush with the rim of the case. These are compatible with the original Peli Protector Case, with the depth of the lid allowing for switches, buttons, connectors and ports to stand up from the panel face.

Additionally, the Storm Case has a specialized accessory, similar to the Panel Frame known as the Bezel Kit. The concept is the same. Although the implementation is a bit more onerous, as it requires some more DIY work to screw the Bezel Kit into place in the Storm Case.

peli case panel frame

Learn how to install a panel frame here.

Quick Mounts: Peli quick mounts are a set of four ABS T-block mountings for use as added support to a panel, or for use in cases which are not compatible with panel frames out of the box. The Peli Air case is a good example where Quick Mounts can be used to support a Panel Frame. Due to the Peli Air case being lighter and manufactured with less plastic, the ridges on which a Panel Frame can be rested inside the Protector Case are not present in the Air Case. Thus, Quick Mounts are a workaround that can be used to mount a Panel Frame in the Peli Air Case.


Additional Case Accessories

Desiccant Gel: Moisture can be a concern when storing sensitive equipment, especially in humid environments. Desiccant gel packs can be placed inside Peli cases to absorb moisture and help maintain a dry environment, protecting against corrosion and mold.


TSA Locks: Peli cases are often used for travel, and TSA-approved locks provide added security during transit. These locks can be easily attached to the case's latches and allow TSA agents to inspect the contents of the case without damaging the lock.


A Wide Range of Customization and Accessories for Peli Cases

By offering a wide range of interior customization options and accessories, Peli ensures that users can configure their cases to meet the specific requirements of their equipment and applications, while providing the utmost protection during transport and storage. To find out more about our accessory options, click on the button below.

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