How to Set Up Peli Cases with Panel Frames

Peli™ Protector Cases™ are uniquely qualified to accommodate the needs of electronic engineers and their OEM projects. Injection moulding provides a reliable, durable, ready-to-ship enclosure with consistent dimensions. The co-polymer material can be machined and drilled, and also files and sands well. These properties make the Peli Protector™ Case well suited for customisations related to electronics panels. Consequently, we decided we’d continue our how-to blog and video series to show you how to install panel frame inserts into your Peli™ Protector Case™.


Panel frames enable you to install an electronics interface panel that sits flush with the rim of the Peli™ Protector Case™. Follow the steps below or check out the video to see exactly how it’s done.

How to Install a Panel Frame in your Peli Case

A panel frame kit will typically include the panel frame itself, brass inserts, mounting screws and an O-ring seal. Make sure the panel frame is correctly positioned prior to installation. Check for the model identifier and the word ‘front’. The frame should be installed at the front of the case with the text facing upwards, as the mounting screws will protrude through the case if installed in reverse.

Step 1: Place Frame with Model Identifier Face Down

To install the brass inserts, place the frame with the model identifier facing down.

Step 2: Push Inserts into Holes on Frame

Place the non-shoulder small end of the insert into the hole and push in with a Phillips screwdriver until fully seated on the shoulder.

Step 3: Seat the Frame onto the Internal Ribs

To secure the frame to the case, fully seat the frame on to the internal ribs.

Step 4: Insert Screws and Turn

Next insert a mounting screw into the hole and press firmly as you turn the screwdriver to start self-tapping. Continue to turn until fully seated or use a 90-degree drill motor.

Step 5: Install the O-Ring

Install the O-ring into the channel between the frame and the case. The O-ring must be fully seated. Ensure that your panel completely covers the O-ring for maximum liquid and dust resistance.

Step 6: Screw in the Panel

Once your panel is installed, be sure to screw the brass inserts by hand as applying excess pressure will push the brass inserts back out the other side.


And that’s it. Your panel will now sit securely in the case.

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