How to Install Padded Dividers in a Peli Case

Peli’s padded dividers are a classic organizational solution. Versatile and durable, padded dividers easily adjust to fit your equipment into any compartment on the fly. Plus, you can quickly identify your gear with the padded dividers’ high contrast colour. Padded Divider Walls are covered with mountable fabric, providing endless reconfigurations! Watch the video below or read on to learn how to set up your Padded Dividers to protect what matters to you most.



Set up Padded Dividers in a Peli Case

Padded dividers are available for many cases in the Protector, Storm and Air ranges. They’re a great way to protect your gear setup that often changes, as they’re easy to reconfigure. Each case will have a slightly different selection of dividers, but all include some short, medium and long sections. As the Velcro on each divider, is so strong there is a knack to fitting them.


Step 1: Hold back divider’s Velcro sides and insert into the case


Carefully hold back each Velcro side of the divider piece as you insert it into the case so the Velcro does not catch the interior until it is in the desired position.


Step 2: Spread each divider side and stick in place


Then spread each side and it will stick firmly in place.

The dividers can be easily reconfigured as your gear changes.

And that’s it. You can now set up your Peli case with a padded dividers set.

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