“Without question, the product we used most during the voyage, and have been using for many years now, were our Peli 1500 Cases. Tough, compact and easy to use, they guarantee the safety of the most sensitive equipment working under the most difficult conditions. For seven weeks, we were relentlessly bombarded by rain, snow, wind, waves and cold without our equipment suffering any damage at all. For part of the voyage, the cases were on deck, often covered with several inches of snow. Yet the interiors were kept completely safe and dry. The headlights and lighting system were a real discovery for us. Under such difficult conditions, they got us through some rough patches and helped to make daily life much easier.

We were already aware of the exceptional qualities of Peli 1500 Cases, which have been our regular travel companions for quite some time. Although just a few years ago the technical equipment we brought along on an expedition was kept to the bare necessities and was much less sophisticated than it is now, we have found that the smartphones, tablets and personal computers available to us today are essential to the work we currently do. Things like keeping lines of communication open and using the press and social media to broadcast our expeditions play-by-play would not be possible without them. Telephones and satellites allow us to send images and video and let our story unfold live on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and the web. However, for as useful as this equipment is, it is neither tough nor resilient and therefore would never stand up to the conditions of a journey of this magnitude. Peli cases for laptops, tablets and mobiles opened a whole new world to us with this expedition. And thanks to them we were able to undertake our expedition, which was quite risky in terms of adventure, with few technical glitches. We’re not adverse to taking risks, but when we want total security we trust in Peli”.

In the Footsteps of Shackleton‘ Expedition’s Team