“One thing we were certain of was that PELI products were our best bet for an expedition like the one we undertook to the South Georgia Islands. For nearly two months we endured extreme conditions, both aboard a sailboat that barely reached 20 metres, in which we crossed the most treacherous sea in the world, and on South Georgia Island, the largest of the group, a solitary place bordering the Antarctic where the relentless weather conditions are hostile to visitors.

The members of our team know first-hand what an adventure of this magnitude entails. For more than 30 years, we have undertaken expeditions to the most remote, inaccessible places on the planet such as Karakorum, Antarctica, the Libyan desert, the Himalayas and the North Pole, where our endurance was put to the test like never before, as was the equipment we brought with us.

In our line of work, photo and video cameras, telephones and satellite modems are what allow us to tell our story through images, access updated weather reports, establish life-saving communication with the outside world and orient ourselves in any situation using GPS. This equipment is not only vital, it is also fragile. That is where PELI products play a crucial role.

This trip was considerably different from a polar crossing, during which you are constantly on the move, or a climb in the Himalayas, where you have a base camp that offers plenty of room. Lack of space was the biggest limitation we faced by using Le Sourire as a base.

On a sailboat such as this, you need to take full advantage of every inch of space. We found that PELI cases were instrumental in achieving this. They allowed us to have our equipment at our fingertips, while keeping it organized and safe from falls, water and the constant hits a boat takes when crossing the stormiest sea in the world”.

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In the Footsteps of Shackleton‘ Expedition’s Team