From San Francisco to Cairns: Coxless Crew testimonial

The Coxless Crew were the first fours team to row the Pacific Ocean, setting a new world record, from San Francisco to Cairns, Australia. PELI Products had the pleasure to sponsor them, and here's their testimonial about how our products worked:


PELI Products were kind enough to sponsor us for our 257 day row across the Pacific Ocean with headtorches, hand torches and waterproof casing for our iPods and iPads. Needless to say, these were essential items that helped make our journey a success. We rowed straight through the night and endured all weather conditions. Our headtorches allowed us to move around easily and to fix any problems we encountered at night time as well as rescue the occasional flying fish that landed on the boat. Without them we would have operated blind at night. Our hand torches were available to us as a warning signal if other boats came too close at night. Being very small and inconspicuous on our 8 metre boat, one of the dangers we faced was collision with other vessels. Our hand torch was therefore our first warning signal to draw attention to ourselves and make sure we could be seen. Lastly, in order for us to communicate with friends/family, to send our daily blog and for our personal iPod entertainment while rowing; we relied heavily on our iPad and iPods. Throughout the turbulent weather and in our incredibly humid cabins PELI waterproof cases ensured that these electronic devices were kept in a dry and working condition. It amazed us how durable the PELI products were. They endured every kind of weather and stayed reliable throughout. Thank you PELI for your invaluable contribution to our journey.


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