How Peli Helps the Armed Forces: Mobile Military

Peli innovates products that are purpose-built for military and armed forces professionals around the world. Find out more about how Peli helps military forces around the world in the video below.


Cases for Weapons & More

Peli offers the largest range of protective cases perfect for weapons, medical instruments, deployment kits, platoon kits or anything that needs to be protected.

Custom Cases

If equipment or projects require specific and customized protection, Peli has a team of engineers and partners to design, produce, and test the perfect transportation and packaging solution.

Mobile Military Medical & Office Protective Solutions

From medical supply trunks, cases and chests, to field desks and footlockers, Peli has built all the tools for military equipment to be protected in the field.

Tactical Flashlights

Lights for every situation: recon lights, search lights, maritime lights, area lights, security check point lightsTactical Flashlights

Remote Area Lighting (RALS)

Provide area light with lightweight, portable remote area lights, with multiple heads and Bluetooth® technology activation (select models), you can light up a security check point or medical emergency with a push of a button.

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