How Peli Helps Engineers in the Aviation, Aerospace & Defence Sectors: Custom Case Solutions

Ever since the Wright brothers flew the first powered manned aircraft at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903, humans have been obsessed with flight. It wasn't too long before we flew beyond the atmosphere, built rockets that launched into the space and landed a man on the Moon. Since then the aerospace and aviation industries have transformed modern transportation and generated technological innovations that have served as the foundation for modern computers, telecommunications and medicine. Since 1976 Peli has supported the Aerospace and Aviation industries with a multitude of products geared specifically to the specifications of the industry. In this post, we discuss our custom engineered case solutions for aerospace and aviation professionals.


Aviation and aerospace manufacturing is a high-technology industry that produces aircraft, guided missiles, space vehicles, aircraft engines, propulsion units, and related parts. As you might imagine, these highly technological products necessitate protection of the highest degree, especially during transportation. Their highly specialised nature, also necessitates a high degree of customisation for said protection. Luckily, Peli's cases are available in unlimited bespoke case solutions and configurations.

With experienced design engineers, testing labs, and a team of dedicated experts, highly technical, fragile equipment will be protected with a Peli Custom Case Solution. Peli engineers determine the most effective design and the best combination of materials for said equipment. 

Simple to Extreme Protection

Peli's Advanced Case Centers located in the UK manufacturing facility are dedicated to providing custom solutions to meet specific shipping and packaging requirements. These facilities specialize in the planning, engineering, manufacturing and quality control needs to produce the high-quality custom packaging solutions.

What to consider when determining custom case needs

When enlisting Peli's help, there are a few things that need to be considered to determine what's the best custom case solution for the user.

Case Type

Which case do you go with? This is a question as old as Peli; however, that's because Peli has plenty of options. Peli will help you determine which is the best for your equipment.

Interior protection

Foam is the go-to for many custom case solutions, but depending on the equipment needs and specifications, a user may want to consider shock mounts or a custom chassis. Again, Peli experts will help to determine what the best solution is for interior protection.


Peli can use the design of the prospective user, or they can work with the user to create the design according to their schedule and budget.

The Details

Lastly, we have the details, the little bits and bobs like accessories that will finish off the design. These can include things such as, lid stays, casters, purge valves, and custom logos. The goal is to get the user's equipment from point A to B with zero impact, but one mustn't forget factors such as humidity, pressure, or aesthetics.

With all of that said, Peli is dedicated to helping the aviation and aerospace industries with superior protection for the industry's many technological innovations. Find out more on Peli's engineered cases as well as how Peli helps the Aviation and Aerospace industries here.

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