Learn How Peli helps engineers in IT & Telecom with 19" Rack Cases

One of the great challenges for the 21st century is emerging in the telecommunications sector with the installation and maintenance of 5G networks across the globe. This quite often takes place in remote areas and involves the transportation of servers and other critical communication systems to carry out installations on site. In this post we go over briefly Peli's portable 19-inch rack cases and how Peli can be a true partner for these new IT and telecommunications engineering challenges.

Rack Case Solutions for IT & Telecom

Whether in telecommunications or any other sector, when there is a need to transport and protect fragile instruments and electronics, Peli’s 19” shock mounted rack cases are the answer. Extremely rugged and offering superior shipping protection, they are designed to protect servers, communication systems, solid-state circuit electronics or Satcom systems, among many others, and those can take repeated drops, blows and moisture ingress while protecting the IT equipment inside.


How do Rack Cases protect IT Equipment

One of the most important aspects of a rack case is the protection it provides for the sensitive IT equipment it houses. This is especially key during transport, as these cases are made to allow for transport of the equipment and must not allow any shocks or vibrations to occur to the sensitive equipment and must also ensure effective protection against external elements such as moisture and dust. 

Shock mounts made of elastic plastic or other protective materials are incorporated into the cases to provide a buffer zone between the inner 19-inch frame and the walls of case. This isolates the devices housed inside the cases and allows for the absorption of shocks and vibrations during transportation without harming the devices inside.

They are also often expected to protect the equipment from outside elements such as water and dust and thus will have some degree of Ingress Protection.

Best of all, Peli is the worldwide leader, offering the largest range of configurable rack containers to meet your exact requirements. Our experienced engineering team will work with you to create the best rack solution for your equipment, determining the perfect configuration considering fragility rating, shock, vibration, protection, and portability.

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