PELI Beta Testers Programme

All around the world, people rely on firefighters to help them when disaster strikes. We trust them with our lives. And many firefighters trust the strength and reliability of PELI Products when they are called into action.

In 2015, PELI Products looked for firefighters who count on our products when they’re on the job to test our products and share their experience with us. We chose ten members of European fire departments or brigades to test our products for two months and tell us what they thought of them.

Firefighters Beta Testers Programme

At the end of the testing period, a panel of judges from PELI Products chose the 2015 Official Beta Tester based on the testimonials we received. The winner will occasionally receive new products from PELI for a year!

You can read all their reviews here.

Stay tuned in the future, as we may continue with this program to allow more firefighters in Europe to benefit from the lights produce by Peli Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced portable lighting systems.


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