After spending growing amounts of time in nature with his camera by his side, Uros Podlogar realised his biggest passions in life: adventure and photography. Naturally, the two combined to form his profession and he now embarks on impressive adventures while travelling the world, all in the name of incredible visual content.

What motivates you?

I find motivation in extraordinary things that can be found in everyday life: the natural world and its breathtaking surprises, adventures, extreme locations and sports. It is important to just observe and be aware of your surroundings, then motivation comes often and sometimes from the least expected places.

How did you get started?

I started spending more and more time in nature and somehow always took my camera with me. That is how I first began to take photos, but I soon realised that this was what I wanted to do in life. Photography and adventure proved to be my biggest passions and I am grateful I found both!

What is a typical day like for you?

That is actually quite a difficult question. My days aren’t anything like those of a typical ‘9-5’ job. I don’t have a timetable, I work when I have projects and I often go out and just take some pictures for myself. In this job, there are no weekends or holidays, so it’s always dynamic and interesting. On days when I am not working, I make time for sports and escapes to nature.

Tell us about your most memorable adventure. Where was it? What happened?

My most memorable adventure yet was definitely in Nepal. It was one of my first helicopter projects and the nature there is just amazing: it’s so photogenic and unique that each shot captured something special and beautiful. We were shooting around Mount Everest and although it was cold, the adventure was worth every second. It’s not often you get to shoot helicopters around the world’s highest mountain!

What equipment/kit do you usually need for your expeditions/projects?

For my projects, I use two Sony cameras: Sony A7R III for photos and Sony A7S II for video projects. I also use the DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ and DJI Ronin Mini. When I put all of this equipment together, there are a lot of things to pack, but my Peli cases make the packing process a lot easier and most importantly, safer.

How do Peli Products help protect your kit? Which ones do you use?

My Peli products are always with me as they are the perfect solution for a photographer who travels a lot. The cases are very spacious and have great interior structures, so I never have problems or worries that my equipment will be damaged.

When travelling via airplane I use the Peli Air 1535 Carry Onthe best carry-on case I’ve ever had—and when travelling on land I put all of my gear into my Peli Air 1615 Air Case. I also use the Peli Remote Area Lights when shooting videos because they’re great for lighting, are portable and they don’t flicker! I can’t imagine doing my work without them, and I also can’t imagine doing my outdoor sports activities without Peli torches.

What advice would you give someone who is seeking the same line of work?

Take many photos and capture moments, but also listen to yourself and find your signature photography style. They say practice makes perfect and that is the best advice I can give. After that, you have to work hard, be persistent and never give up on a goal if it is what you really want!

What’s your next adventure?

My next adventure takes me to a continent I have never visited beforeAfrica. I’ll be preparing a few projects in Zanzibar, one of which is sports orientated… but until the video is launched I can’t reveal more than this! 🙂

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