Bike across the globe with PELI adventure duo, Xenia & Tinu

Xenia and Tinu met on their biking adventures in South America in 2012 and since then they have racked up over 46,000 kilometres while travelling across the globe. The duo have lived life on the road with nothing but their motorbikes and portable offices and their adventure shows no sign of ending any time soon...

What motivates you?
We are sure that it is in human nature to have the urge to explore new territory. Both of us have the urge to see new places, learn about new cultures, push ourselves to new limits and enjoy the freedom to do what we love.

How did you get started?
Xenia: “I started to travel from a very young age, first with my parents and then I travelled many countries by myself. Riding motorbikes was always in my head but it took some time until I made the decision to start riding.”

Tinu: “I spent my time mostly in Switzerland, but always on two wheels; motorbikes and downhill bikes have always been my thing. It was during my first long motorbiking trip to South America that I met Xenia, and since then we have travelled together on our motorbikes.”

What is a typical day like for you?
We mostly get up (not too late), have breakfast, pack the tent and our stuff and then get rolling on the bikes. We love to explore nature by taking small gravel roads and we mostly eat our lunch while standing next to our bikes in the middle of nowhere. After some more riding, we try to find the perfect spot to pitch the tent. We then make dinner on our small petrol stove before we have a relaxed evening and go to bed early.

Tell us about your most memorable adventure. Where was it? What happened?
That’s a difficult one as we have been travelling now for almost a year and before that had many trips. We think every day is an adventure for us and that’s why we chose this kind of lifestyle.

What equipment/kit do you usually need for your expeditions/projects?
As we like to share our adventures with the world, we always have our laptops, cameras and a drone with us. These are not easy to carry on a motorbike as storage is limited and very exposed to bumps, dust, water and rattling.


How do PELI Products help protect your kit? Which ones do you use?
We use the PELI 1070CC hardback laptop cases to protect our laptops as they are packed in our soft luggage on top of the bikes. The luggage needs to be strapped very tightly and only PELI can assure that this won’t destroy the fragile screens and keyboards of the laptops. We also know that our laptops will be safe in case of a crash.

What’s your next adventure?
Our current world trip will take at least another year, maybe even more, so our adventure never stops!

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