From Mount Fuji to Chile and Galapagos, PELI Adventurer Magnus Bruun conquers them all

"I’m a young Danish guy who picked up my first camera 4 years ago", says Magnus, but his age is no measure when it comes to the fantastic content that he creates. From climbing Mount Fuji in "insane" weather conditions to spending months documenting beautiful Chile, there’s no adventure Magnus won’t conquer.

What motivates you?
I’m especially motivated by the people that I meet and by identifying the best places to shoot great pictures. The nice comments that I receive from people about my photography and my videos on my website and on Instagram are motivating as well.


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How did you get started?
I picked up my first camera 4 years ago, because I wanted to capture and remember my travels with my family. I very quickly fell in love with the idea of capturing moments to be able to relive the places that I visited. Now, I do it not only for my own personal memories but also to show people what this Earth has to offer.


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What is a typical day like for you?
Although I study every day and spend a lot of my spare time taking photos, no two days are ever identical for me. One day I could be out in the forest or in the mountains, and the next I could be hanging out with the locals in Chile where I live right now. I’m now very good at planning ahead, but I usually have a rough idea of what I want to shoot and then I just see what happens!

Tell us about your most memorable adventure. Where was it? What happened?
My most memorable adventure has to be when I climbed Mount Fuji in Japan. We travelled early in the morning by bus from Tokyo to where we started our hike. We hiked for about 6 hours to a small hut with a cabin on the side of the mountain where we would sleep until 1am the next morning. The reason we had to be up so early was that we needed to walk another 4 hours before we could watch the incredible sunrise. After 5 hours of walk in the most insane weather conditions, we finally made it to the top. The weather was actually quite bad: there was a wind storm and that combined with sand, rain and fog made it impossible to see anything. So after around an hour and a half without being able to move because of the weather, we were ordered down. Even though we missed the sunrise because of the weather, this was the funniest and dramatic adventure I have had so far!


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What kit do you usually need for your expeditions and projects?
This depends a lot on what I am doing: for example, if I’m going on a one-day-hike I will just bring my camera and a few lenses. If I am travelling by car or plane I bring more, but I usually try to keep it to a minimum.

How do PELI Products help protect your kit? Which ones do you use?
When travelling I’m often in a hurry and have a lot to think about, but with my equipment, in the PELI Air 1535 case, I know that my things are safe so that’s one less thing to worry about.

What’s your next adventure?
I’m lucky enough to be living in Chile for the next few months on a long study trip. I’ll be visiting the Southern and Northern part of the country and in April I’ll be travelling to Galapagos which will be a great place to shoot some fantastic photos!


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