Much more than extreme protection: Alternative uses for your PELI case

Reliable, helpful every time you need it and with many years of adventures together” - sounds like someone describing a close friend. It is, in fact, how many describe their PELI case, according to recent research conducted by PELI*, with a staggering 95% of respondents saying that they used their case for extreme protection.

The way in which our cases are used are both resourceful and creative, with 56% using theirs as a step-up, a chair, a lunch table and even a working desk, while an intrepid 20% have used it as a floating life-saver. In addition, there are 28 out-of-the-box thinkers who used their cases to fry eggs in the middle of the desert!

With 26% defining themselves as adventurers, 13% as sportive, and 38% as techy, PELI cases are designed for all types of people and walks of life. These crushproof, waterproof and dustproof protection.cases have been used as surface marker buoys when diving, improvised baby bath tubs on the go, and as a prop to repair the underside of a car. One daring person even used it as an anchor for rappelling - that’s the level of confidence and trust customers have in our military-tested cases.

Where does this confidence and trust come from? PELI cases are the most resistant, protective cases on the market, designed to withstand and offer the utmost protection. And 30% were correct when stating that a PELI case has survived all of these extreme situations: a tsunami, a trip to the outer space (-52Cº, 32 Km), a Land Rover rolling over it, a Grizzly Bear attack, a month immersion in a harsh sea and even a crash into an iceberg.

Overall, 94% of respondents believe that a PELI case would survive one of the above. You can read more about the tough conditions they’ve been through on PELI’s survival stories page.

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*Research conducted by PELI, October 2017: PELI conducted its research among 1.400 protective cases users across Europe, registered to the PELI database. PELI conducts regular research among users to ensure it offers the right kind of protection for their users and their products.


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