Learn how Peli cases can be engineered to house original equipment with panel frames

In 1976, Peli invented the virtually indestructible protector case. Since then, our injection moulded cases, whether that be Protector, Air or Storm cases, have been relied on by engineering teams in all sectors to protect their high-tech sensitive equipment. Part of the reason for this is due to our cases’ high-impact and chemical resistance as well as their IP67 watertight and dust-proof enclosures that offer total protection against external elements and shocks. These properties make the Peli cases well suited for customisation to house electronics by mounting hardware to the interior of the case. In this post, we go over the various ways in which you can customise a Peli injection moulded case to accommodate your electronic equipment.


Panel Frames & Bezel Kits

For those requiring electronic installations and mounting parts to the interior of the case, Peli offers the panel frame case insert, which allows for the simple attachment of an interface panel flush with the rim of the case. With an easy-to-install and quick set-up process, the panel frame is a design engineer’s best friend. They are available for a wide variety of Peli Cases and will keep your electronic installation safe from exterior shocks and the elements, while the depth of the lid of the case will allow switches, buttons, connectors and ports to stand up from the panel face.

Alternatively a selection of Peli Storm Case models offer Bezel Kits, which equally allow the engineer to easily mount an electronic front panel to the interior of the case.

Check out our article on exactly how to install a Panel frame in case you are interested 

Custom Foam Inserts

When it comes to equipment specific shapes, Peli has the perfect solution for the perfectionists who want the true custom fit.  Peli's engineering team or local partners can provide custom made foam that can be cut exactly according to the size of your CAD file providing a true custom fit to your equipment. That will ensure it will be kept damage-free and functioning at all times.

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