Protective Cases: Who typically uses protective cases and why?

Protective cases are good for just about anything if what you have is deemed to necessitate the highest degree of protection. However, there are certain applications and thus certain types of professionals and hobbyists for whom protective cases are more typical. We’ll go over some of those in this post.

If you missed the first two parts in this series, check out part 1 of this explainer series on protective cases where we discuss what protective cases are and why they are so effective at protecting what matters most to you. You can also read part 2 where we go over typical protective case interiors.

Photographers & Broadcast industry professionals

One of the favourite applications for our cases is for photography equipment. In fact, some of Peli’s biggest fans are professional photographers and broadcast industry professionals. On set or on the go, protective cases are perfect for keeping valuable photographic or electronic equipment extremely well protected. The different interior configurations, already outlined, allow for the creation of snug nests for sensitive cameras, flashes or lenses and the optional lid organizers are perfect for storing cables and cords. The deeper-sized models are perfect to house all kinds of drones, which have become ubiquitous with certain types of photography.

They’re also ideal for photography in the great outdoors given that they are waterproof and boast wheels and a tow handle to allow for easy transportation over rough terrain. These cases will endure anything out in the wild.

Travelers and Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts

Speaking of out in the wild, not only are these cases ideal for travellers to protect sensitive electronics, such as laptops or tablets, they are also waterproof, ideal for protecting larger equipment during extreme outdoor adventures. The Vortex® pressure release valve will make sure your case stays clean in the Gobi Desert and dry on the Nile river. ATA approved protective cases with wheels and a tow handle allow for transporting gear safe and sound, no matter where you’re going.


Protective cases can be trusted to accommodate all kinds of sensitive laboratory equipment, scientific tools, analytical instrumentation and heavy-duty communication systems. The customizable interiors of a protective case will ensure any vital equipment arrives fully operational.

Hunters, Military, Police, Security, and Rescue Teams

Injection moulded indestructible protective cases are designed for professional as well as recreational applications. This includes strong rifle cases, waterproof protective pistol cases and tough boxes with trays for medical or emergency use (EMS). Critical communications and IT equipment will keep their capability to perform to the highest standards even in the harshest environments. These cases adhere to the strictest Military tests MIL C-4150J, STANAG 4280, Def Stan 81-41 and ATA compliance cases.

Industrial Engineering, Electronics, Mechanics and Maintenance Professionals

Protection from shocks, heat, dust and chemicals is imperative when it comes to protecting valuable engineering and maintenance tools, such as pressure gauges, tachometers, calibrators and data logging equipment. Sensitive electronic systems such as vibration, optometric, optic, telemetric, sensor equipment, ground stations or printed circuit boards (PCB) can also be totally integrated in the Peli case by panel frames or foam. With the heavy-duty wheels and telescopic handle, they can be rolled along anywhere while being protected from chemicals, humidity and dust.


Rugged, uncompromising and trusted, Peli’s protective cases protect what matters to you, from the everyday to the extraordinary. Proven for over 40 years in the most demanding environments, Peli is the brand preferred by the professionals and serious hobbyists alike.

Peli products are built to the highest and most demanding standards. Constantly innovating and always exceeding expectations. That’s why all Peli Protector Cases offer Lifetime Guarantee. Peli is engineered for life.

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