How to Change a Latch on a Peli Case

Every aspect of a Peli case is built to last, but there may a come a time when certain items like a latch need to be replaced. Each latch is held in with stainless steel pins and just like the case they are built to stay in there for life, so there is a certain knack to removing them. Most latches have pins that are visible from both sides; however, the 1200, 1300 and 1550 cases have pins with only one side visible.


As there are two different types of latches, there are two slightly different way to replace them. Just follow these easy steps in the video/blog post below and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the ultimate latch master.


Cases with latch pins that are visible from both sides


Step 1: Hit the head of the latch pin with force

Starting with the latch closed, use a flat head punch and a hammer to hit the head of the latch pin with force. If you don’t have a flat head punch at hand, a small Phillips head screwdriver or even the new replacement pin will work just as well.

Step 2: Remove the pin from the latch rib and lift off the old latch

If your latch pin has two visible sides, repeat this again and again and again, until the serrated end of the pin pops out at the opposite side of the latch. Use pliers and a hammer to remove the pin from the latch rib and lift off the old latch.


Cases with latch pins that are visible from only one side


Step 1: Hammer the pin until visible at opposite side

If your latch pin only has one side visible, hammer until the pin is visible at the opposite side, but not sticking out.

Step 2: Remove latch 

Lift the latch and pull away from the latch rib to remove.

Placing the New Latch

Step 1: Place new latch on lid and insert latch pin

Place the new latch on to the lid and insert the latch pin smooth end first.

Step 2: Hammer in pin

Use the pliers and the hammer to drive the pin until it rests flush with surface of the latch rib.

Your case should now be restored back to its former glory. And to top it off, you’ve got yourself a fancy new title. Congratulations, Latch Master.

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