Santa Claus Delivers Happiness in PELI Cases. Meet the 'Old Toy New Toy' Initiative

The brainchild of Telma Alfaiate and Ivo Baleiras, the ‘Old Toy New Toy’ initiative is a non-profit organisation that delivers donated toys to deprived children everywhere.

“Our mission is to deliver toys to deprived children with few resources. Based on the premise that what is no longer wanted by one child will likely be loved by another, we have delivered a lot of recycled happiness around the world!”, says Telma Alfaiate.

Toys are donated via a Facebook page, website or direct contact with the organisers, and come from far and wide, from children, parents, families and partner organisations.

Once such partner is PELI, who is proud to collaborate with Telma and Ivo by providing PELI protection to keep their valuable photographic, first aid and other electronic kit safe as they travel around the world delivering the toys to their new companions.

We had a chance to catch up with Telma to find out more about the mission and their future plans:

What motivates you?

During our research and travels, we’ve become more and more aware of the difficulties that many people face and how the realities are so different for so many despite being on the same planet.  Often it’s the children who suffer the most, and we wanted to do something to bring a little joy to their lives.

We’re also significantly motivated by our desire to do something positive to help the planet by reusing materials and recycling. We are acutely aware of the need to reduce the amount of waste in the world, and by finding new homes for ‘one person’s discarded item’ to become another person’s ‘treasure’, we are making a small but important impact in recycling.

How did you get started with Old Toy New Toy?

It all started when we bought a 18 year old 4x4 that was someone else’s "old toy" but for us it was very much a "new toy”! Despite its age, damage, and need for repairs, it was something that gave us real joy and many new experiences. It dawned on us that many "old toys" are often thrown away or abandoned once they are no longer considered useful to the owner, but they are still useful or wanted by someone else.

Tell us about your most memorable experience or adventure

Our most exciting experience is setting up this project and travelling to deliver toys. This has given us many experiences, learning and personal growth. We’re looking forward to expanding this adventure, in our 4x4 and taking our project to children in many far-flung places.

 What equipment/kit do you usually need for your expeditions/projects?

In the car we always have a PELI 1460 as a toolbox, PELI 1120 as First Aid kit and a PELI Storm case iM2050 with GoPro foam kit. We use also the PELI 1470 and PELI 1095 for our laptops. For far-flung missions/expeditions we go more prepared with a PELI 1500 with first aid kit and trauma kit, PELI Air 1555 for our recording/photos/media gear and a PELI 1600 with all our comms and navigation gear. The PELI 1650 normally will go on the roof with all the toys. And if we travel by plane, we sometimes take a PELI Storm iM2435 and a PELI 1510.

We don’t take any risks in keeping everything safe!

How do PELI Products help protect your kit? Which ones do you use?

Thanks to the amazing watertight, crushproof and dustproof protection, we can be confident that all our sensitive electronic gear will never be damaged. It brings great peace of mind.

What advice would you give someone who is seeking the same line of work?

Never give up and always believe! We should always believe in our dreams and abilities. The world needs people with new ideas, hopes and motivations. So never give up on following what you believe and what makes you and others happy. It may be difficult at times, with discouraging responses and seemingly overwhelming obstacles. But to balance this, you will always find someone who also believes in you and your project and will help you. These experiences will make you grow, learn and move on in your journey.

What’s your next project or adventure?

We are planning to do the Maroc Challenge to test out our “old toy”! And we plan to grow our project internationally, expanding it with donations of not just toys but other material – such as school material for example.


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