PELI products for caving: discover our headlamps

When it comes to caving, our headlamps lead the way. Leave your hands free with the most powerful, practical and yet comfortable headlamps on the market.

PELI ProGear 2780 Headlamp

The brightest headlamp ever made by PELI and, from now on, your one and only. The Peli 2780R headlamp is equipped with a very powerful LED that brings a clean and brilliant source of light of different intensities (430 lumens in high mode, 203 lumens in medium mode, 53 lumens in low mode). Waterproof and weatherproof (IPX7), this light also offers a safety flashing mode for being spotted in the dark.

It comes with a second LED on the lower side that makes it ideal for close viewing applications such as illuminating pathways. The main LED and the second one can be used simultaneously for expanded visibility.

Also, if you need to carry delicate equipment through tough conditions, you should consider carrying your gear inside PELI cases, the most rugged cases in the market.


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