Meet the modern nomad, PELI Pro Timo Pape

Timo Pape is the ultimate modern-day nomad who specialises in producing breathtaking adventure travel images. He has visited some of the most dangerous and remote places on earth including Chernobyl and the Antarctic, visiting a total of 85 countries to date.

What motivates you?
I grew up in massively populated cities like Cairo, Jakarta, Bangkok, London and Hong Kong - all exciting places to live in, but it created a desire to get away from it all. Away from crowds, tourists, noise and even infrastructure. Naturally, I  grew up travelling and taking holiday snaps, that developed into a passion for adventure photography travel - to search the off the beaten path locations by land, air or sea.

How did you get started?
From the very beginning, so to speak; I was born in Uganda where my father was the national football (soccer) coach in 1971. My brother was born a few years later in Egypt and we moved from there to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand. So I became a modern nomad by accident and just continued to roam and explore... 85 countries and counting.

Tell us about your most memorable adventure. Where was it? What happened?
In March 2016 we did an exploratory expedition with Vertical Shot Expeditions where we sailed around Cape Horn and explored the Beagle Channel.  This was one of the most remote trips I’d ever been on. Blistering weather, wild seas, untouched landscape and amazing wildlife.  Having the ability to sail into remote areas and explore further into the backcountry was amazing.

What equipment/kit do you usually need for your expeditions/projects?
Obviously, the photography equipment is key.  To keep it safe while I lug it around the globe I use a mix of protective gear, from PELI Cases to F-Stop Backpacks.  My gear needs to be shipped on planes, boats and so on, and it needs to arrive in relatively decent condition wherever we’re going. Besides that, it’s all about layers, lots and lots of exchangeable, natural material layers. And really, really good shoes but that’s pretty standard.

How do PELI Products help protect your kit? Which ones do you use?
I primarily use PELI kit because I schlepp a lot of expensive camera equipment in very inclement weather, over the very dodgy terrain.  I’m in and out of boats and trucks, on and off of sledges and skis – so anything that can protect my photo gear has to be hardcore and trustworthy. I have four different PELI cases, depending on where I’m headed and how much gear I am taking with me. My go-to case is the PELI Storm Case because it’s the perfect size for most mid-length trips. It’s small enough to be carried on planes, which is important as I don’t like to check my camera gear. Despite putting my Storm case through the ringer, I’ve never yet had an equipment malfunction with this case! The other essential piece of gear is my PELI headlamp, I always end up using this.

What’s your next adventure?
The Faroe Islands. Completely offseason (Winter) but we should have the place, and the weather, essentially to ourselves which is perfect.  And then maybe a self-supported sea kayaking expedition in Greenland towards the end of the year.

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