Lid organisers are an optional case interior, but they certainly may make it easier to organize your gear by allowing for the use of the lid of the case to store items. Made of leather or waterproof Ballistic nylon with nylon zippers, lid organisers comprise of a multitude of pockets in various sizes to protect and keep gear organised. Having said that, there is a bit of a trick to installing them, so we made this tutorial. Watch the video above or read the instructions below.

How to Install Lid Organisers

Lid organizers are a great way to utilize the otherwise unused space in the lid of the case. In most Protector cases they are attached by screwing into pre-moulded lid bosses, but in some older Protector cases and all Storm cases they are attached using nylon with an adhesive backing.

Install in cases with pre-moulded bosses

Step 1: Align Lid Organiser Holes with Lid Bosses

If yours needs to be screwed in, first align the holes in the lid organiser with the premoulded raised bosses in the case lid.

Step 2: Screw it in Place

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to carefully screw it in place.

If your case does not have the raised bosses, do not attempt to screw your organiser in, as this will void your warranty.

Install in cases using adhesive Velcro backing

Step 1: Clean Stacking Ribs on Inside of Lid

If using the Velcro adhesive backing, for the best attachment, first clean the stacking ribs on the inside of the lid and allow to dry.

Step 2: Stick Velcro Onto Stacking Ribs

Next, remove the release film from the Velcro hook material and carefully stick each strip onto the stacking ribs.

Step 3: Attach Lid Organiser to Velcro Strips

It is recommended to wait 24 hours before using so the adhesive will take full bond strength to the inside of the lid. Attach your lid organiser to the lid of the case using Velcro.


And that’s it. You have successfully attached your lid organiser to your Peli case.

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