Research shows 61% of those surveyed lost an electronic device due to lack of protection

We carried out a survey to understand if we offered the right kind of protection for our customers and their products.  Of the 1,400 participants questioned, 61% of them stated they had damaged or broken an electronic device or a camera at some point due to water, sand or a strong impact.

However, when travelling with laptops people tend to be more careful and use a protective case, according to 83% of the respondents.

“Our research shows that 39% of the respondents have been careful enough to protect their fragile electronic device or camera and never had them damaged,” says Estefania Fenoy, Marketing Director EMEA at PELI.  

However, nearly two-thirds of the respondents had their precious equipment damaged due to strong impacts or exposure to water and sand. With the snow season on its peak and the Spring rains around the corner, consumers should take note that a 30% of people spoiled their gear under heavy rain, snow storms or got it covered in mud. In addition, a 30% got their device smashed or broken by a strong impact.”

PELI’s research also showed that while a sensible 83% would use protective cases when requested to check-in their laptop during a flight, others prefer to use bubble wrap or put clothes around the device.  Nevertheless, a daring 3% confessed that they prefer to just ‘cross their fingers and pray’, leaving their laptop at the mercy of luck.

Confessing the worst nightmares

Childproof protection is essential. 31% of respondents worst nightmare was their child using their camera as a submarine during bath time - one minute of silence for the poor device. The worst nightmare for 20% of the respondents was a monkey stealing their camera during an exotic trip. Although maybe a nice piña colada could help alleviate the pain! When asked what they would like to be in their next life… an impressive 89% preferred to be a Lifetime Guarantee PELI Case rather than a 10-year guarantee car!

PELI Products offers the ultimate protection with virtually indestructible cases that withstand the most extreme conditions on Earth. Watertight, dustproof, childproof and crushproof, they carry the Legendary Lifetime Guarantee (where applicable by law). With over 40 years of experience in protecting fragile equipment, PELI has a solution for virtually every gear you’ll need to take when working, travelling or during adventures in the most remote places. PELI offers a wide array of solutions to shield your laptops, tablets, video and camera equipment, among other electronics. Nothing protects like PELI!

Research conducted by PELI, October 2017: PELI conducted its research among 1,400 protective cases users across Europe, registered to the PELI database. PELI conducts regular research among users to ensure it offers the right kind of protection for their users and their products.

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