Decontaminating Peli Cases – Can it be done? Answer: Yes!


Amid the unprecedented situation in which the world finds itself currently, the demand for medical supplies and devices has vastly increased all over the world. Along with this increased demand, cases to house these products has also seen a vast increase in demand. Peli Products produces indestructible cases that are ideal for the transportation and storage of medical supplies. This is not only because of the protection from water and dust that the cases provide, but perhaps most importantly, their ability to be decontaminated effectively and easily.

In addition to being IP67 waterproof and dustproof, Peli cases are also chemical resistant, which makes them ideal for decontamination by healthcare & emergency services professionals that count on Peli cases to house their life saving equipment. This is especially considering the highly contagious atmospheres that these professionals are currently entering every day to save the lives of so many around the world. 

Check out our guide to the decontamination of Peli cases below.

Decontaminating Peli Cases for Field Use: Best Practices

Peli cases are manufactured with Polyethylene and Polypropylene shells. This plastic material is highly chemical resistant and will therefore decontaminate very well. According to Peli Products engineers, the following are the most effective ways to decontaminate Peli cases. Most any readily available disinfectants will be suitable but specifically these are the options they recommend:

  • Moderate Solution of Soap and Water – The most common, available and the best option is to simply clean out the cases with a moderate solution of basic soap and water. One caution is to to make sure to rinse out the soap and water extensively as polyethylene is sensitive to long term exposure to detergents.
  • Bleach Wipes
    Another suitable option is using bleach wipes. These are commercially available or can be homemade with a moderate concentration of bleach, which will do no harm to the case.
  • Alcohol Wipes
    Another suitable option to go along with bleach wipes is to use alcohol wipes. These are also commercially available, but can also be homemade with a minimum of 70% alcohol. Stronger alcohol content products, such as 90 – 92%, may leave a white haze or discoloration on the case, but will do no harm to the case.
  • Spray Disinfectants
    Although these can be used in a pinch, they are not recommended one does the following. Most spray disinfectants will do no harm to the case, but given the nature of spray application, complete coverage is not ensured. Thus, when using spray disinfectants, one should wipe the disinfectant over all surfaces to ensure complete coverage and complete disinfection.

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