Air Travel Luggage Disasters: Damaged Baggage

This second post on air travel luggage disasters looks at how to make sure your luggage doesn't get damaged in the hold.

(See post 1 from the series: Surprise Hand-Luggage Fees)

Disaster 2: Damaged Baggage

There’s nothing worse than checking in your suitcase on one continent, only to reach your destination to be greeted by a crushed, torn, or even a rain-soaked case which has failed to protect the delicate equipment and valuables inside.

Solution: PELI, PELI, and more PELI!

The iM2875 Storm Case is particularly great when travelling by air. As well as offering the high-level protection you expect from PELI, its wheels and pull out handle make it easy to transport to and from the airport.

The 1560 Laptop Overnight Case is a great option if you’re traveling with computer hardware. Its clothing compartment has enough room for items for up to five days of travel, and the three removable accessory pouches are ideal for your laptop, chargers and other electronics.

PELI cases are professionally engineered to be dustproof, crushproof, and watertight, with automatic pressure equalization, so you can check your luggage in to the hold with complete peace of mind.

Stay tuned for post 3 in the series: Baggage Mix-ups


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