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Peli Missions - Maewan Adventure Base
We believe in living adventures, projects and missions to the fullest. In recent years, we’ve supported expeditions of all sorts – from ocean crossings and nature adventures to scientific voyages and humanitarian projects – with products that can be relied on, no matter how extreme the circumstances are. We would very much like to continue to support the missions we find most interesting, so we’re inviting facilitators from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to share their proposals with…
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Peli Air Cases Launch in New Colours

Now available in yellow, orange and grey, Peli Air Cases combine durability and protection whilst being 40% lighter than the Peli classic and Peli Storm lines. Without compromising on Peli’s renowned strength, experts constructed these cases with premium lightweight HPX2 resin that rebounds to stress without breaking and is the next generation of Peli’s proprietary formula. For more than 40 years Peli Air has provided a range of industries such as safety, emergency services, industrial and photography with protective cases.…
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40 Years of Protection

We’ve been celebrating the 40th anniversary of Peli with our most loyal adventurers! These legends have tested our products under extreme conditions across the globe, from Arctic polar seas to the driest deserts and most humid Amazonian jungles. Delve deeper and you’ll discover in detail the experiences and stories of a courageous firefighter and professional climber, of passionate extreme-adventures film producers, brave professional cave explorers, an enthusiastic MotoGP photographer, an intrepid voyager conquering the oceans in a 4-year sailboat expedition,…
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Introducing Our Webinar Series

We develop high-performance products for people who work in the most demanding sectors – and we often find that as our solutions evolve in line with industry needs, it can be difficult to keep up. So to support on that front, we’re introducing a series of free, regular webinars, aimed at those who would like to learn more about our lighting systems and case solutions. Whether you need a tailored recommendation from our experts, clarification on certain technical specs or…
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Meet the Peli 3325Z0, Multi-Talented Torch: Compact, lightweight, with Back Switch and ATEX Zone 0 Certification

One small switch-spark can cause an explosion in a dangerous area. Because we’re well aware of that, we’ve introduced the new ATEX safety-certified 3325Z0 LED torch. “For years, our lighting products have been a standard in the safety-approved light market,” said Stephan Corti, President of Peli Products’ Commercial and Government division. “By continuing to develop best-in-class, innovative products, we are providing the features that matter most to end users at an unbeatable value.” Ideal for Oil & Gas, Fire &…
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Peli presents a selection of over 500 protective cases for Drones at UAV Bordeaux

Since 1976, Peli Products is the global leader in manufacturing the highest performance cases and containers. At the UAV show 2016 (Booth A23), Peli will present its expertise in protecting and transporting drones and UAV systems. The lightest cases in the planet protecting your drones The brand-new Peli Air protective case range is up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases and makes it the lightest protector case on the market. Designed to cut weight without compromising durability, it offers…
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Peli brings Peli Air to Enova, the new lightest range of protective customisable cases, up to 40% lighter!

Since 1976, the Peli™ classic Protector™ case has been the go-to protective case solution for millions of people worldwide. It has made an impact in industries ranging from OEM, electronics and logistics, to military and aerospace. Now, Peli goes to the next level to protect your sensitive and expensive equipment with the new Peli Air cases showcased at Enova (Stand B61). Peli Products, the global leader in design and manufacture of protector case solutions, is aware that industries’ equipment needs…
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New 7100 & 7600! Peli’s Most Powerful Compact Tactical Lights Up to Date

With Law Enforcement professionals in mind, Peli™ Products has developed two new torch models, the 7100 and the 7600. The 7100 and 7600 are Peli’s most powerful compact tactical torches to date, and one of the best options for today’s law enforcement torches. With the latest LED lighting technology along with its great features and its compact design, makes them a unique companion for the professionals in the field. The high-performance of the 7600 (up to 944 lumens, only 15.7…
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Peli presents its latest ATEX Lights at the Congrès (CNSP)

Peli™ Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of both high-performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems, willl present its latest high performance ATEX certified lights at the Congrès National des Sapeurs Pompiers (Hall B. Allée T/Stand 72). Peli lighting systems are innovative and tough. Since 1976 they’ve been trusted by professionals working in the fire and rescue, oil&gas, mining and other highrisk industries. They are constantly tested under the toughest conditions on earth. During the Congrès…
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Discover Peli 2785Z1, The Most Powerful ATEX Headlamp with 215 Lumens

Peli Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting solutions, again leads the way with the new high performance 2785Z1, Peli’s most powerful ATEX certified headlamp ever. Peli 2785Z1 is certified by ATEX Zone 1 (Cat. 2) therefore can be used in potentially hazardous areas often found in the Fire & Safety, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals and other hazmat industries. This new safe headlamp brings a high performance of…
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